Wednesday, 17 January 2018

You can decieve some of us, If only 2019 was Digital, we are not virtual characters

|15th January, 2018| Victor Egba

"You can fool some of us all the time. And all of us some of the time, but you cannot fool all of Us all the time"-Abraham Lincoln.

The Bible emphatically said all liars, will go to hell. You'll agree with me that in politics, flattery deceit maneuver and propaganda are utterly applied ad means to political ends.
However after elections it is incumbent on the elected officials to heal from those fantasies, and not let themselves be deceived by themselves. One would ordinary have imagined that we have seen the most deceitful government in history no we have the most corrupt government. Fantastically corrupt like Bill Cameroon used.

This time, there is no Digital explanations for the legitimate government. Engagement in an shameful attempt to import contraband Rice, to poison its own citizens, this plastic Rice will be re-branded and called a name you should not remember. 

How long can the deceit of the deceiver be swallowed by Cross Riverians? How long will it take to wake up to the reality that the Rice City is a sham, that the deep sea port is a sham, that the super highway is also a sham?

It is shameful that the present administration have decided to continue in its dance of shame.
Perhaps it is beginning to become clear to Cross Riverians that the Mover 300 MoU's  signed by the Ayade's government do not translate to physical projects. 

So desperate measures of lying to the world on TV and Bill Boards might end you temporary satisfaction. But how long can you deceive your people, who elected you? How smart can you be?

Now that 2019 is here, it is important to remind all the Digital Deceivers that the electorates are not virtual characters, they have eyes. They have ears. They'll collect your/their money, but it is no longer Business as Usual.

In 2019_ next year, we will meet an electorate that is determined to send a clear message, that the Digital Manipulations cannot change their resolute vote.

God Bless Cross River

Victor Egba