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Ajah Francis, SA debt management: The best man for the Job

|06 February, 2018 | Ukorebi Esien

News went out last weekend that the executive Governor of Cross River State, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade had approved the appointment of Mr Ajah Francis Ajah as Special Adviser to the Governor on debt management.

This development was greeted with much joy, excitement and happiness as well as appreciations especially from members of his Party, The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ebom/Bahumono Communities, the entire Abi people and Elites in Cross River State, who retreated their stanch commitment to the Sen. Prof Ben Ayade's led Government for finding their son and brother worthy of the appointment.

It will also be worthy to note that currently, the state is plunged into a huge financial debt which has had a vicious effect on the state’s revenue and has severely hampered rapid development in the state.

It is based on this backdrop that Thedailynewsng takes a look at the quality in terms of qualification and experience of the newly appointed SA debt management, Cross River state. Hon. Ajah Francis Ajah

Hon. Ajah Francis Ajah was born to Chief and Mrs Ajah Francis of Bawetiti, in Ebom, Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State Nigeria.

He started his educational journey in 1974 at the Presbyterian Primary school Ebom/Ebijakara, thereafter he proceeded to historic Bahumono Secondary Grammar School, Ebom (BAGRAM). Between 1989 and 2005 Ajah enrolled himself into The defunct The Polytechnic, Calabar where he obtained a Higher National Diploma in Accountancy (HND).

Ajah’s complete educational qualification is listed below:

2017       Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).
2016       Masters of Science in Accountancy (M.Sc).
2009       Master In Business Management (MBA).
2003   Associate Member, Chartered Institute of CostManagement (ACCM).
2004       Associate Member, Chartered Institute of Management (NIM).
2004       Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM).
1995       Higher National Diploma in Accountancy (HND).

Hon. Ajah Francis had spent the majority of his lifetime on earth imparting and creating impact in the financial and monetary sector of Cross River state/Nigerian’s economy. Ajah started his sojourn in the sector in 1989 when he got admission into The Polytechnic Calabar to study accountancy, till date Ajah has consistently and scrupulously kept faith with the business of accounting, formulating monetary and budgeting policies for both the public and private sectors depending on where he finds himself.

Ajah who has almost seen it all as far as Politics in Cross River state is concerned has served in various capacities, permit me to list some of his notable work experience/ appointments:

2016- Date:   Part-Time Lecturer, Saint Monica University, The American                               International University  Center at College of Health
                       Technology, Calabar.
2014- Date   Sub- Component Coordinator, SLOGOR PFM Coordinator                                   Cross River State, Calabar.
2010- 2014   Sub- Component Coordinator, State Governance                                       and Capacity Building (SGCBP) River State, Calabar.
2010- Date    Head, State Financial policy Mgt. Cross River State, Calabar.
2010 -Date    Member, Project and Implementation Committee                                               of Cross River Geographical information system (GIA).
2013               Board Director, Cross River State Newspaper Corporation-                                 Nigerian Chronicle.
2008-2010      Branch Controller, Unity Bank Plc, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.
2008              Business Service Manager, Unity Bank Plc, Minna, Niger State.
2006-2007   Head, Treasury Management of the Unity Bank Plc, PHC                                    Region.
2005-2007  Head, Inter bank and Intra bank Reconciliations of the PHC                               Region.
2006-2007     Head, Assets And Liabilities Reports/ Returns of The First                                 Interstate Bank PHC Region.
2006-2007  Head, Rendering Port Harcourt Regional Reports to Regulatory                      Bodies First, Interstate Bank
2006-2007   Budgetary Planning, Control And Implementation by                                    Monthly Performance Reports of the Port Harcourt Region                                and Balance Score Card (BSC).
2005-2005      Regional Cash Officer, First Interstate Bank Plc
2004-2005      Clearing Officer, First Interstate Bank Plc.
2003-2003      Fund Transfer Officer, First Interstate Bank Plc.
2003-2005      Finance Control Officer, First Interstate Bank Plc.
2003–2005      First Interstate Bank Plc.             
1999-2003       Accountant, C. R. State Farm Mechanization Services Ltd.
1999                Member, Contract Review Panel, Abi Local Government
                         Council, CRS.
1999               Member, State Transition Committee.
1999               Member, State Transition Sub Committee on Finance and                                   Economic Development, Cross River State, Calabar.
1997- 2003    Assistant Lecturer, The Polytechnic, Calabar Cross River State.
1997               Convener, People Democratic Party (PDP) 
1990- 1993    Councillor/ Deputy Leader of Abi Local Government Council.
1990- 1993    Member National Republican Convention (NRC).

2013    Workshop on Project Formulation and implementation by 10th               EDF/NAO Support Project
2014    Workshop on State Governance and Capacity Building                                   (SGCBP) Calabar,  Cross River State.
2016    Workshop on Procurement and Project Review at Awka,                                  Anambra State, Calabar.
2016 Workshop on Strategic Planning and Result based Budgeting at   Dakar,   Senegal

As a mark of responsibility and commitment to a course, Ajah is married to one wife Mrs Gladys Hotom Ajah. They both live in Calabar.
Hon. Ajah is a Grass root politician who has enjoyed the love, support and good will of his community as this can be seen in the recent chieftaincy conferment on him by his community.

It seems to me that Hon. Chief Ajah Francis Ajah was cut out for leadership, especially when it has to do with the financial sector. He is a man to watch! More so, as he mounts his new office in style elegance and agility to transform the debt burden of the state.
Once again his Excellency, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade demonstrated his ingenuity and deep thinking ability by identifying and singling out Chief Ajah for this job. Indeed there is no gain saying that Chief Ajah Francis is the best man for the job and this is indisputable.

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