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BrenCARE Foundation, others prepares Teenagers for healthy Valentine's Day Celebration in Calabar

| 13 February 2018 |Ukorebi Esien 

BrendCare Foundation a Calabar based Non-Governmental Organization whose primary focus is to promote the health and well being of young people Saturday took it upon itself to prepare and redirect the minds of young people based in Calabar as they get ready for the forthcoming yearly Valentine’s Day celebration.

Speaking at a one-day event held at the conference hall of Plan Parental Federation of Nigeria , tagged “A Healthy Valentine” Miss Brenda Effiom the Executive Director of Brencare Foundation advised young people present to abstain from sexual activities,  because, social vices according to her stems from sexual activities.

‘When sexual activities are reduced, it will also reduce the rates of abortions, teenage pregnancies and the consumption rate of contraceptives by young people which have a very serious effect on them.’ Miss Effiom said.

‘We have to let our young people know that Valentine is not just partners, since young people try to fit in into the society, they try to conform, we must let them know that there are other ways to celebrate love such as celebrating with families, friends etc and the need to delay sexual activities for now till later when they are mentally, physically ready for that.’ Miss Effiom told newsmen.

Also speaking at the event, Mrs. Esther Enun of PPFN said, if a relationship is based on sex, then the people involved do not know anything about giving. She said Love is all about giving, sacrifice and commitment.
‘Let’s use this period of Valentine’s day celebration to add positively, Every young person should have a voice and that voice comes when you make informed decisions that emanate from education’ Mrs. Enun advised.
Miss Marvelous Ekong the social prefect of Government secondary, Uwanse who attended the event with some of her colleagues told newsmen that she was happy to be at the event and that through the event she has learned the right way to celebrate Valentine ’s Day.‘

Miss Ekong, also said she will now be an advocate of healthy Valentine’s day as she is now equipped with information and knowledge to advise her friends against unhealthy practices in the name of Valentine’s day celebration.

Brencare Foundation, which started in June last year with the aim of equipping young people with the right information to make inform choices about their life especially their reproductive health.  The growing NGO has consistently reached out to young people between the ages of 18 and 24 in schools and rural communities to ensure that young people have the right /adequate information about their health.

In less than one year of its existence, Brencare has succeeded in influencing some schools in Calabar South and Biase Local Government areas to renovate their school toilets so as to improve the sanitary and hygiene condition of the school and the student as well. 

Miss Effiom also revealed that the Foundation has also succeeded in imbibing cleanliness among street children in Calabar, as they have frequently held health activities with street children where they provide the children with hygiene kits.

Miss Effiom used the opportunity to call on well-meaning individuals and corporate bodies to come partner with them as well as sponsor most of their activities so they can do more and affect more young people positively.

Present also at the event were Miss Erica from Cuso International; Mrs. Ajah Enun from PPFN; Miss Arit Bassey from Girl Power Initiative (GPI); Benedict Essong from Family Planning Youth Advocate and Mr. Bassey Edem of Edem Children Foundation

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