Monday, 26 February 2018

C'River Lawmaker under fire for slamming constituent

A law maker in the Cross River State House of Assembly, Mrs. Itam Abang who represents Boki 1 state constituency has come under hot criticism from Cross Riverians for humiliating a 400 level Estate Management student of Cross River University of Technology who asked her for assistance to take his ailing mother to the hospital.

The honorable member is quoted to have retorted " That's not my business if you like you bring her here, am I a Doctor?  When am done with what am doing here,  I will just enter my car and go away. I was elected to make laws and not to give assistance. After all how many votes did you give me. I spent money in your ward and your people did not vote for me.  I lost in your ward."

True to her words as soon as she was done speaking with Hon. Jones Eteng, she zoomed off leaving the poor helpless boy stranded and perplexed.

Since the story broke out Sunday night on Facebook, Cross Riverian have not relented in attack on the honorable member.

Some of those who spoke below the thread condemned the actions of thee honorable member, while others advised youths to vote wisely next time especially as it concerns the 2019 elections. Below are some of the comments from concern Cross Riverians:

Victor Adaha 
...Her alleged response is annoying, disgusting and a big disgrace to women in politics, if we tend to vote women into elective offices believing they are more caring and motherly. I detest such.

Richie Romanus
She would definitely be shown the way out come 2019. Mtcheeew.

Ukene Samuel Bassey
You see, tomorrow she will be jealous that Hon.Hilary Bissong is making waves more than her, no matter what happened Hon. Hillary  will not do that.......Let's remember that we are put in positions by God to assist others so that the world can go round.....

Bukie Okangbe 

My Brother please not all women in politics are the same.... Itam Abang fail BOKI 11  before she was sworn in.  Itam went  to assembly  as a settlement... She is not  a leader and can't be.... Leaders are God fearing,  kind and development conscious... So move on  ...don't go to her again and don't let it border you.  Your mom is heal by God grace. God bless you.

Iwasam Lebo
those of you who kill yourselfs for politicians,I will sincerely wish you read this boys experience with understanding and generalise it to every other politician(not just women)these people are not worth working.I wouldn't want to mention names of the good and bad ones,but if am provoked I may be forced to,but well lemme leave it there.your mother won't she will live to complete your testimony In JESUS Name!!!

Steve Takim
It is on record that the worst House of Assembly member Cross River state had ever produced is Itam Abang. It is not even her fault, the blame goes to the Boki nation that is richly bless with intelligentsia, vibrant and record breaking personalities to chose such a bunch of disgraced and disappointment to be their representative. What exactly is the result they were expecting?

Peter Ofem Ubi
Thanks. Obviously there are sensitivities in his replies, the lack of human touch, and the absence of a true reasonable politician in him. I will not condemn Abang on the grounds that it is true he was elected to make laws and not to give financial assistance which is personal, and not an obligation of his.

Now let me address the law making part which Abang failed on that would have avoided his insensitive remarks and avoided any need for assistance from his personal pocket even though he can afford it humanly. Dis-honorable Abang as neither held the state government responsible through his oversight responsibility for the need to provide adequate medical funding for the improvement of health centers in Boki, or provided the needed legislation to seek state interventions and repairs of medical health centers & hospitals in Boki. For this reasons, he had no option but to deep hands into his pocket for the needed assistance. If Abang whom I call Dishonorable due to the sensitivity of his remarks had done the stated above, the student will naturally had taken the mother to the hospital without seeking Abang.

When contacted by Kijuo Julius President of Cross River State youths in politics, the honorable member denied ever saying those words, said she rather offered the boy #5000 which he rejected.

 Ukorebi Esien who first broke the story on social media insisted that hon. Itam used those inhumane words on the poor constituent and zoomed off leaving him stranded.