Thursday, 8 February 2018


Destination Cross River Roundabout, Calabar 
08 February 2018 | Victor Adaha 

I read somewhere a comment that says 'all over the country people are commissioning projects, but in Cross River, we are commissioning endorsement' I greet this comment with all seriousness and unapologetic dismay. I would put it to the entire Cross river state general public, that they determine what trends in the state polity.

Since the people have shifted their focus in recent times from leadership and good governance to politicking and 2019 in discuss. so also has the political class moved with the bandwagon to 2019. I tell you in the real sense, Cross river polity, critics, pundits, and even the unsuspecting public spectators have all moved to the election year in their mind, as every discuss focuses on that, every event wittingly or unwittingly has a 2019 election undertone now, even every single act of charity also does.

And you sit from the comfort of your house complaining why endorsement has become the order of the day? and has taken the center stage?

You set it, yes we all did, and the political class has just done so well by following, it is not the other way round my dear. If you want to criticize political office holders do so with the facts on ground and concentrate on their ill policies as well, and not threatening them with 2019, and making the general election always becoming the focus, because when you do so and over emphasis on it, you shift their focus from governance and effective leadership to politicking and campaigning for 2019 general election which is over 12 calendar months from now, rather than impacting.

My candid advice. let's focus on the issues at hand, hold our political office holders to do what they have being voted to do, if they are erring call them to order through already established constitutional means (impeachment is one), and no doubt which voting them out is obviously one of, but  in my opinion should be the last of our threat, so we don't change the focus of the day.

Remember, today begats tomorrow, and if there is no today there wouldn't obviously be a tomorrow. I don't necessarily mandate you to agree with me now, just ponder over it.

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