Friday, 2 February 2018

How not to engage Efio-Ita Nyok and Ukorebi Esien: A Social media strategist's 3 piece advice to Media aides in CRS

|2nd February, 2018| Ukorebi Esien

A social media strategist and Ux design expert Justus Inspire Oseuno who is also the CEO of Daily Drive Club has advised media aides in Cross River State on how to engage critics of their principals, with emphasis on the duo of Efio-Ita Nyok of NegriodHaven and Ukorebi Esien of Thedailynewsng.

Mr. Inspire noted that media aides and family members of notable politicians and public office holders need to be trained on how to respond to critics of their principals.

 He lamented the level of damages aides  have done to their principals in the cause of trying to engage critics.

He further advised them to first critically look at issues raised, then get more information in terms of facts and figures before marshaling out their points. As oppose their usual rain of insults and abuses on their principal'sq critics.

“The best way to discredit Efio-Ita Nyok and Ukorebi Esien is to first look at what they have written, then gather the facts and documents to back you up, the next step is to use your facts and figures to intelligently make a clear write up to counter theirs. Don't come up with the lame excuses of  'he is looking for cheap popularity', ‘he is this and that’. Those claims are for losers and amateur journalist." Mr. Inspire advised.

Finally, Mr.  Inspire went on to list out 3 steps social media aides should adopt to effectively engage critics and give their principals a good public image and reputation.

1. As a social media aide or a spokes man to any public service holder, whenever you see a post about your principal, you need to first read and understand what the person is writing about. Get the context and knowance of the story written, make sure you understand it very well.  If it is so difficult to understand it, call up the writer and ask for explanation and not just jump up to put up some lame ass defense you might end up doing more harm than good to your principal like what most of you are doing.

2. After that, you need to know what the position of your principal is on the issues raised by the post. In a case where you do not have full information , ask your principal or someone who does. that was why you were hired, relate the mind of your principal to the public. simple.

You were not hired to attack the public. Getting to know your principal's stand on the issues gives you a better chance to educate the public based on the issues the post raised.

3.   Now move next to see loose ends in the said post, not so you could insult the living day light off the writer, but so you can make your case and educate the writer. If you are a good writer, you can make the writer of the post see how baseless his claims were , making him look stupid without even saying "You are foolish for insulting the distinguished...."

You get my point. what this would do is make anyone who wants to write against your principal think twice, make research and cross check facts before making a tweet or post.

His advise note reads in part:

 Every post made against your principal is an opportunity for you to tell the public what he has done and is doing not to trade insult on those who do. Debate intelligently.

 Many principals in Cross River state have been put on the defensive because of Efio-Ita Nyok and Ukorebi Esien and other great minds I may not know that is because, you as a media aide has failed to tell us what your principal is up to,  his score cards and the difficulties he is facing in representing his people.

All you do is wait till they write against him and instead of you writing a clever responds to redeem yourself, you rather choose to tell us how you have personally benefited from your principal and the turn by turn story...come on guys, I mean who does that?

The best way to discredit Efio-Ita Nyok and Ukorebi Esien is to look at what they have written, gather the facts and documents to back you up and make a clear write up to counter theirs, intelligently with facts and figures. Don't come up with the lame excuses of he is looking for cheap popularity, ‘he is this and that’. Those claims are for losers and amateur journalist. Dust yourself and get back to work. Class dismissed. Don't thank me in the comment below. Your Social Media Relations Teacher.

Mr. Inspire had earlier stated that he decided to write out the free advice to media aides  of public of holders and their family members so that they could learn how to engage people online in line with the 21st century and social media age.

He doubted if they were even trained at all either in a conference, lecture or even a town hall meeting.