Saturday, 24 February 2018

I wouldn't want to serve a people that don't want me - Hon. Joseph Bassey

| 24 February 2018 | Ukorebi Esien
The deputy Speaker Cross River State House of Assembly, Hon. Joseph Bassey popularly known as Papa,  has said that he wouldn't want to serve a people that do not want him. 
Hon. Joseph Bassey made this known at the Cross River State House of Assembly complex last week when youths from Akpabuyo, Bakassi and Calabar South (ABC) Local Government Areas under a group called "New Face 2019" stormed the Assembly complex last week with placards carrying various inscriptions demanding to have audience with the speaker Rt Hon John Gaul Lebo.

The group which address the speaker, deputy speaker and other principal members of the house said they are tired with the representation of Rt. Hon.Essien Ayi who currently represents Akpabuyo, Bakassi and Calabar south Local Government Areas in the house of representatives. They noted that  Rt. Hon Apostle Essien Ekpenyong Ayi' time in the Federal House was long overdue, but it was out of consideration that he was allowed a fourth term to the house. They made it clear that they were not ready to give him a fifth term. 

Spokesmen of the various Local government present took turns to pass across their message.
A spoke of the Group from Calabar south said:
'Today the 19th  day of February is a great day. We are here because the youth of Akpabuyo, Bakassi and Calabar south have sat down and brain stormed, we have looked at so many things that borders around us and consider many factors, that is why we are here today to tell our brother,  hon. Joseph Bassey  to come and rescue us. 

We need him to come and represent us, why this is done is because he has represented us in the state house of Assembly effectively, we have seen that he is a man that he is capable,  he is strong enough, a man that will not disappoint us,  a man that has stood firmly with his people till date. That is why today we are asking him to come and represent is in the Federal Assembly. He said.

Spoke person for Akpabuyo said they were happy to have finally gotten somebody to represent them in the WV Federal House and they will give him 100% support. He quickly advised the deputy speaker not to fail them when given the mandate come 2019.

Also speaking unbehalf of the Bakassi people,  their spokesman said 2019 is a year for the youths to take over sensitive leadership offices. He also appreciated the national chairman of the PDP for his foresight when he said grass root politics is for the youth. 

Speaking for the women,  the women leader of the group said 'Today we have come to tell you that whether you like it's or not you must go. We have gathered ourselves as women,  as mothers as wives, as friends, as sisters to come and tell you to please salvage us from this situation. We want a man that understands our plight,  a man with charisma, a man that is accessible. 

In his response, Hon. Joseph said he was amazed that his people could on their own without any financial commitment from him come out to the street seeking his leadership, he however, assured them that God will indeed answer their prayers in due time. 
'I wouldn't want to serve a people that don't want me. 
But for you to come here today and agitate for me to run, I can only tell you that this is the voice of God. God will not come down to speak for himself and I can tell you that God has never failed. And the voice of God is always real.

I will assure you that With your commitment and with God on our side surely 2019 is our thing.

With God and with all of us here today, coming to agitate for this,  I  am already assuring you that and I am not telling you fairy tale,  I said I am assuring you that 2019 is a done deal,  let me first of all congratulate you in advance, see you guys in Abuja.'

If you are being given first term, second term,  third term,  I think that's enough, but we went ahead and gave him fourth term we can not afford a fifth term. 
'I did not contribute anything to bring you people here. 
You came here sincerely to say that you want me to serve you in a higher capacity. 

It is not a problem, the office we are talking about is being occupied by one of our brothers and nothing in life is permanent. There's always a beginning and an end. 

What I have to tell you people is that I was a counselor and the leader of the house and I did not leave,  if I have been there for five times, most of these boys that are starting up today wouldn't have had the opportunity to start up. 

It's not bad to continuously be in office but definitely when you are there and the voice of the people is the voice of God and they they don't want you or they want you you must act accordingly.

I am not here to fight and I want encourage anybody to fight verbally,  hate speech or physically, don't fight. 
power belong to God it is only God that gives power. no amount of effort that will give you position. He concluded.