Monday, 26 February 2018

On the Endorsement Sagarism by Justin Obongha


Endorsing someone from your stomach instead of your heart is hungrilistic. Those who are doing that should take caution to avoid the rod of God upon them.

Endorsement naturally shouldn't be monitized. The true meaning of endorsement is to support, to back, to give one's approval to, especially officially or by signature. Politically, endorsement is the act of appreciating and encouraging a well performed political office holder for continuity.

Am bemused on the abracadabra and charade being displayed by Eminent Cross Riverians who ordinarily should have advised our Crystallized Head of State to concentrate on establishing sustainable development to better Cross River State but instead are more concerned on the undue alerts that hits their bank ๐Ÿฆ or the black sack back that enters their boots.

The amount of monies voted for this unhealthy endorsement Saga are enough to complete the Abandoned roads in Yala, Ogoja, Obudu, Obubra, Boki, Calabar Municipality and others. Cocoa factory, Ogoja Rice mill and perhaps other media glorified projects like the Calabar Virgin City, Cali this and that.

I asked a question some weeks back that "how long does it take well mobilized contractors/Civil Engineers to complete a 20kms one lane road? Which am yet to get answers. Whatever the answer should be, it should reference Ebonyi, Enugu, Rivers and other roads masters like Governor Ambode.

Our Rice City or Rice mill that produces the Ayade Rice ๐Ÿš that got to Custom officers is yet to see the light ๐Ÿšฆ. Am sure we saw that of Kebbi State.

Our LGAs are going backward due to laxity in administrative control. No LGA elections for over 2 years. LGAs staff strength is bellow average due to lack of local employment.

Please my brothers and sisters, no body is stopping you from endorsing but when you are doing, do it with the fear of God. God is watching us. And we will all pay heavily for our doings.

Why endorse a man because of money. Why endorse a man