Wednesday, 21 February 2018

UNBELIEVABLE: Monkey swallows N70Million belonging to Northern Senators

|21 February 2018 | Ukorebi Esien 
While Nigerians are still trying to unravel the mystery behind the tale of a snake swallowing N36 million in Benue JAMB office, amidst such confusing mystery and blatant lies another animal has been accused  of swallowing N70 million belonging to the Northern Senators Caucus.
Sen. Abdullah Adamu who is alleged to have claimed that Money was carted away in his farm by Monkeys was on Wednesday sacked as chairman of the Northern senators caucus following allegations of misappropriating N70m belonging to the group.
Briefing newsmen after plenary, Senator Shehu Sani said that since the money could not be accounted for, maybe this time monkeys have made away with the money. He further revealed that N70 million was handed over to the caucus from the 7th Senate adding that the money which was in the custody of the sacked chairman could not be accounted for.

"So it was handed over to the 8th senators from northern Nigeria under the 8th senate.

"The rumours going round whether it is true but I believe most of the senators know is the fact there were allegations that some monkeys raided the farm house of some of the executives in northern senators forum and carted away some of these monies.

"I think this country is becoming a huge joke, first of all it was the rodent that drove away the president and we now have snakes consuming about N36 million, and now you have monkeys," he said.

What we yet to know is if truly Nigeria is a zoo or an Animal kingdom with money loving animals.

We all know the popular Grass Cutter in Nigeria that swallowed over 100 million for just cutting of grass in the IDP camp. 
After that one came the rats that chased Mr. President out of office,  I hope you have also not forgotten the hyenas and foxes that took over Aso Rock according to madam first lady,  then recent we had the money swallowing snake with over N36 million going down it's intestines. In a bid to show that the snake is a shadow of the monkey, just yesterday the monkey almost doubled the snake's we records when it swallowed N70 million belonging to Northern senators caucus. 
In all these I am forced to believe that we are actually living in zoo in this country and I will definitely love to be the Zoo owner. 

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