Sunday, 25 February 2018

Why the just concluded C'River state APC congress should be nullified

| 25 February 2018 | Ukorebi Esien 

The Cross River State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC held its state congress in Calabar, Saturday 24 February, 2018 with Hon. Etim John  emerging as its states chairman beating his counterpart Mike Achigbge with Hon Etim securing 56 votes against the 36 votes of his rival Mike who came second place. 

Sources has it that the Congress which was arranged and organized in a kangaroo way, was arrived at in a meeting held at Abuja last week in a bid to settle the rancour that caught the state leadership of the Party. The source which pleaded anonymity disclosed that some members of the party in that meeting opposed the idea of a Congress with reasons. 

 the APC chairmanship elections in the violation of  Electoral  Act.  S85 (1) that stipulates that a registered Political party shall give the commission 21 days notice of any convention,  Congress. Conference  or meeting  for the purpose  of electing members of its Executive committee,  other governing bodies or nominating candidates for elective offices under this Act. In the Cross River State Congress today, INEC was not notified and did not observe the election. The absence of INEC in observation of the State Congress makes such an election a nullity 

Also the APC constitution  has provided in S 12.7 stipulates that the State  congress shall include 5 delegates per Ward. The state Congress election was done in violation of this provision. Also in the violation of the parties constitution is the failure to constitute the Electoral and Appeal committee

According to the source the reasons include 

This seems not to go well with a faction of APC that insist that due process must be followed. The Vice Chairman South South Ntufam Hillard Eta is said to have boycotted the elections.

Ntufam Hillard Eta had earlier written to Tinibu about alleged sharp practices by members of the National Working Committee whom he alleged to have been compromised by monetary inducement to install an some illegalities and impose a chairman on the people. 

Ntufam Hillard Eta's petition coincided with a formal complaint of Tinibu alleging the interference of Oyegun on his presidential mandate to resolve lingering factions in the party. Also the National Chairman Chief Oyegun and his is alleged to be currently be investigated for sharp practices, abuses of power and financial misappropriation

According to sources within the party, Tinibu has called for the suspension of the CRS elections until all issues are resolved, but Ameachi has instructed the National APC to go on with the election in violation of due process.

Also there was a court injunction served on the parties restraining the conduct  of the election. Apparently, both the electoral Act,  party's constitution, and court arsed have been breached,  which way CRS APC? 

Can the Hon Etim John overcome these huddles and legalise the obvious illegalities that surrounds his election?