Monday, 12 March 2018

10 Leadership thoughts of Prince Otu that can Reshape Nigeria

|13 March 2018 | correspondent

Nigerian democracy and and political sphere have entered a new phase and the game is no longer played as usual. The electorates have all woken up to the realization that they deserve more than peanuts or few cups of rice, Maggi and wrapper,  or in most cases few dollars as some people are known for sharing during electioneering campaigns.

The people are now aware that these items are just a figment of their due from their various political leaders. 

As we approach yet another electioneering year,  I have heard a lot of youth resolve not to be used as ballot box snatchers again while the old men and women now have the understanding that they will only vote candidates of their choice, a candidate they know can effectively represent them at all levels not the one who gave them Maggi and pepper during elections. 

As the saying goes since the bird has decided to fly without perching,  Aguyi the hunter,  have learnt to shoot without missing.  This can be said to be true of Prince Bassey Otu. 

In my own thinking and distance observation. Haven carefully watched and observed with keen interest the recent activities and talks as well has body language of Sen. Prince Bassey Otu fondly called "Sweet Prince" by fans and numerous supporters. I will want to submit that the conspiracy to oust the very distinguished senator from office in 2015 was divinely arranged just like the  Biblical Joseph whose brothers sold him to slavery out of envy and jealousy. 

But God sent him there to save the lives of not just the Nation of Egypt but also that of his brothers and family. In fact the ousting of Joseph was the making of Joseph because that was were he fulfilled that very dream his brothers dreaded. 

These four years out of office I think is one of the Prince most fulfilling years since he ventured into politics, as it has given him ample time and opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn. 

Prince Bassey Otu just as the Eagle is a transformed man,  renewed in strength and vigor. This can be evident in his recent statements and remarks especially on social media. 

In recent times,  the Prince has made very weighty statements as regards our polity and leadership in Nigeria. And if these are carefully implemented, they can greatly reshape any nation to greatness. 

Below are some selected leadership thoughts of Prince Bassey Otu that can tremendously reshape Cross River State and Nigeria as a nation.

1. We must pour out  from our body  polity the old wine of despondency and disillusionment, and refill it with the new in-flow of flourishing hope and aspiration.

2. Our gifted visionaries must home their talents with revolutionary solutions to our most difficult riddle of enthroning a wealthy society.

3.Let us blatantly reject the garment of disunity sewn for us by unscrupulously selfish politicians and adorn ourselves with the silk of teamwork in sailing to our destination.

4. We must grow and glow our destiny beyond the formulae of eating and drinking to a new pattern of enviable investment that will shake off the shackles of lack and want in our lives.

5. The time has come to break the stagnation and economic deprivation which have bedeviled several of our communities because a greedy few have taken advantage of the majority.

6. In this new beginning as a people, we cannot deny the fact that the waves of adversity will try to capsize our boat, the strong wind of difficulties will want to oppose our soil, the boat itself may leak due to human imperfections. In all these we must persevere in keeping our focus on our destination.

7. Any leadership that purports to care about its followers without addressing the economic conditions that hold them captive is a worthless and empty leadership. Ours cannot be such a careless one. We care and it must show.

8. Let us deploy the speed of our imagination to pace our desired destination.

9. We may not have the well of oil but a well of agrarian productivity which currents in our veins can outstrip the uncertain glory of petro-dollars. 

10. Let the trumpets sound from the hills of Oban and let the whispers wail from the ocean bed of Bakassi, the giant of failure amongst us has been slain and a child of success is born, to be nurtured by the milk of truth, the water of courage, the honey of unity and bone of determination.

I believe any man with such intellectual capacity and great leadership thoughts if given the chance will attract tremendous changes and development to the people he represents and the state at-large. 

Recall that Prince Otu is a one term Senator who was ousted out of office while seeking a reelection by the powers that be then.

 Some quarters believed Prince Otu is a better representative than the present senator who is said to be stingy and cares only for his family members while others have argued that Gershom Bassey believes in infrastructural representation unlike Prince who did stomach infrastructure.

Whatever their style of leadership may be, one thing is certain 2019 will be a clash of the  Titan as Prince Otu is said to be seriously warming up to take his lost seat and he seems to be loved by the masses.