Sunday, 25 March 2018

Anti-crime, Anti-cultism or endorsements Bills Ayade which way? CRS DG Slams Governor

| 23 March 2018 | Ukorebi Esien 

As the rampage of cult wars gradually begin to take the centre stage in the daily experiences of Cross Riverians, thereby incubating fear in the hearts of many, with the insecure state of affairs leading  to the lost of several lives and properties in the state, a youth advocate and the DG of De-Mandate Advocate group, Mr. Ambo Ekpenyong has queried the digital Governor of Cross River State,  senator Ben Ayade, accusing him approving numerous endorsements for his second term ambition instead of taking a queue from his colleagues in Akwa Ibom and River state's who have signed the anti-cultism and anti-crime bills into law respectively in their respective states. 

According to comrade Ambo, the bills signed by Governor Wike of Rivers states are the he bills are 'The bills are the Neighbourhood Watch Safety Corps No.6 of 2018 , the State Anti-cultism Bill and the Rivers State anti -Kidnap (Prohibition) (Amendment) No.2 Law No.7 of 2018.'

'While signing the Anti-cultism bill into law, the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr Udom Emmanuel categorically stated  that to reduce or remote such activities from the arena of the state, such laws should be followed strictly. In his statement,  he promised the indigenes and residents of the state a zero tolerance crime activity which will boost investment friendly and Godly delight state for foreigners and indigenes' Ambo added 

Ambo's statement reads in part: 

'Where is Cross River State in all of this? The State is volatile with high crime rate ranging from numerous cult clashes,  kidnapping thievery amongst others. 

The economy situation of the state is in retrogression with the rapid migration of investors, entrepreneurs and lacking economy direction due to the increasing restiveness..  All we here is endorsement,  "Ayade is working" and all sort of praise singing without carefully assessing the state of the state under his leadership. 

We have a State House of Assembly, spearheaded by a self centre, unconcerned and intellectually acclaimed speaker,  who is intelligent but refuses to apply it when needed due to his selfish purpose. The speaker that speaks for himself not the will of the people who sent him. 

It is so disheartening, heart piecing and infuriating that this is what we CrossRiverians praise and sing for every day. The future is now, let no one deceive you that the future is tomorrow, because our tomorrow is now.

Cross River State must be better..  Let's pray for our leaders in this period of their tenure to act fast before they face the final period of the people's judgement. 

God Bless Cross River State.
God Bless De-Mandate Advocate.
God Bless Nigeria Future Leaders Movement #NIFLEM. 
God Bless You...