Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Ayade's Endorsement of Lamido: Can Ayade Successfully Deceive APC without Consequences

| 13 March 2018 | Joseph Odok 

I have had no doubt that Ayade will betray APC. His feigned relationships with Buhari was just to play his normal deceptive politics with no commitment. 

For those that care to know, Ayade has a strong relationship with the presidency. He visits the Presidency always and uses Cross River State funds to lobby some agents in the Presidency. Also Ayade has wonderful ties with APC Hierarchy as seen in his constant show in many APC functions. In the State Chapter of APC,  Ayade spends huge some on money to accommodate major APC stakeholders inclusive of some Buhari's political appointees. He awards contract and give financial inducement to buy some power brokers in APC

It is rumoured that CRS APC crisis is a game plan of Ayade who constantly pay some CRS APC hirelings huge sum of money with a clear mandate to destabilise the party in CRS. The cumulative results was The recent attempt to foist an illegal chairman in APC CRS. It is rumoured in some quarters that 300 million naira was disbursed by Ayade to a section of APC stakeholders to impose a stooge in APC CRS thereby creating an easy way for Ayade come back in 2019

However, Ayade seems to be running out of patience with APC,  he is seeking new alignment, possibly with an emerging mega party or PDP

The reasons for Ayade's turn around against APC seems to be because of failure of those he had spent so much on to protect him. His main agent of  looting his brother and co-givernor of CRS have been constantly harassed and is always in EFCC net. The recent arrest of his brother and Chief strategist the co-governor of CRS sent Ayade to sleepless night as. The arrest of Frank Ayade made Ayade to leave the state to  Abuja in a bid to compromise the case of arrest of his brother  and effect a close down of the case of money laundering involve his brother and currently investigated by the  EFCC

The heat of the arrest of Ayade's brother made the governor to switch off his phone during his birthday. Ayade who would have naturally used his birthday as an occasion for series of endorsement was not picking calls on his birthday. Those who tried to call him on his birthday in his nocturnal moment of receiving calls tried reach him  in vein on his birthday  from 1am to 4pm. This is because the gods turned away from him and close to 12 billions he has set aside for his elections was seized by EFCC as the brother tried to launder the money in one of the banks in Abuja. According to Ifere Paul, 20 million dollars  was recovered from Frank Ayade but a source close to the government told me the money recovered was 12 billion naira. My source further alleged the money was to be set aside for logistics on Ayade's second term elections. It is also alleged that some of the money was to be used to buy the PDP party structures from Governor Wike who is singlehandedly in control of PDP structures in Nigeria 

The arrest of Ayade's brother and co-governor of Cross River State with such sum of money appears to be the crumbling point for Ayade's politics because the only bet for Ayade's second bid is by bribing his way in 2019.

Disappointed by the failure of some agents of Buhari to cover him up,  Ayade who has claimed to be a friend of Buhari and to be more APC than core APC stakeholders has turned against Buhari led APC

The first bombshell against Buhari was Ayade's open attack of Buhari in matters of the neglect and shortchange of CRS in the award of NDDC contract. The next step was for the governor to openly adopt Sule  Lamido who visited him in his government house. What becomes of Ayade after an open show of preference of Lamido against Buhari? Only time will tell as it plays out 

Joseph Odok
Social Change Agent