Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Happy Birthday to the Mother of health in CRS

Today,  March 28th marks yet another round of 360 days in the life cycle of Dr. Mrs Inyang Asibong, honorable commissioner for health Cross River State.

Dr. Asibong who should be in her 30's is indeed one of  day young cross Riverians to watch out for. 

She has drastically transformed Cross River State health sector,from successfully organizing the first ever Cross River State Health Summit, to developing the first toll-free smart phone and LAMIS Software for health facilities in the State, to drastically reducing maternal mortality rate in the State, following up with the accreditation of schools of nursing in the State and steering the State to becoming the only South-South State in the country to win the bidding rights of MTN Foundation support project to renovate Maternal wards of the General Hospital, Calabar. 

Her achievements also includes guiding the State to winning the award for best performing South-South State in the SOML PforR, reducing HIV/AIDS prevalence in the State, as well as the best performing State in the control of NTDs in Geneva etc.

Dr Asibong we all know has transformed Cross River health sector into a remarkable one, with access to quality health now as ABC. Her doggedness has truly proved there's more than a genius in her.

Because of her resilience and dogmatism, Primary Health Care has an Agency and all the PHCs are all equipped and working on a 24/7 basis. Health outreaches are being carried out across the state on a routine basis to make sure every Cross Riverian live safely.

Just look around you, you'll be happy to visit a health facility nearest to you even if you are not feeling sick. It takes a one stone to reach a thousand mile, and for sure that one is Dr Asibong.

Keep soaring Honourable, the world hasn't seen nothing yet. You have made Cross River State, Nigeria and the entire Africa proud.

Happy Birthday Great Amazon of Health.

The management and staff of The Daily News Nigeria joins the rest of the world in wishing the queen of Health in Cross River State a Swagaliscious birthday.