Tuesday, 13 March 2018

He cries whenever we make love: A Pregnant Teenager needs your advice

An 18 year old Nigerian girl, who right now is pregnant for a married man, needs your advice.

The lady who is based abroad shared her story via relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin. Read below:

Please am in need of advice. I'm a student schooling abroad. Have been having an affair with a married man. I met him summer last year. I was shopping with friends and he paid for everything.

He's like a best friend to me we facetime always, and do facetime sex. He takes my advice seriously in his life, I supported his businesses in growing…

I found out I'm pregnant by way of urine tests. I'm 2 months gone I think. It's illegal to do abortions in the city I am. I haven't told him yet

A part of me wants to keep it. He has expressed the need for wanting a son. He has all daughters with his wife in Nigeria. I really love him. What if it's a boy? I'm catholic anyways and it's a sin to abort.

I have never thought about being a second wife but he doesn't love his wife. He loves me. He just copes with her because they grew up together. He cries when we have sex. Like tears of joy.

Please advise me. I told my sister who wants me to come to Nigeria to abort it. Why can't I have the man of my dreams? Please I'm an adult. Don't bring the she's young comments