Saturday, 3 March 2018

It is only Abang from Boki 1 that falls on People - Petra Abang

| 3 March 2018 | Ukorebi Esien

One miss Petra Kijie Abang, a Facebook user based in Cross River State has taken a bold step in defence of the name 'Abang.'

Her message was  conveyed in a Facebook comment Saturday 3rd march 2018 when Facebook users especially those from Cross River State extraction started making jest of the Name "Abang" in a bid to associate it with stinginess or 'ill speech.'

Recall that the name Itam Abang had gone viral on Facebook due to her ill reactions and verbal attack on a constituent who approach her for assistance to take his sick mother to the hospital.

Hon. Itam Abang who originally hails from Ugep, Yakurr Local Government Area of Cross River State but married to Barr.Abang  from  Boki  represents,  Boki 1 state constituency in the Cross River State House of Assembly was said to have told the boy that she was elected to make laws and not to give assistance and that she would not help the boy because his ward did not vote for her in the last elections.

As if that was not enough, some family members of the honorable member took to Facebook to tongue lash and abuse the hell out of anybody who dared talk about the story.

To this end, Facebook users now coined the word 'Abang' to mean another word for tongue lashing, verbal attack or stinginess.

In a bid to separate her surname from the derogatory meaning, Miss Petra had to cautioned Facebook users with the following words:

'Its only ABANG from boki 1 that fall on people not every ABANG pls.' 

In a private chat with one of our Correspondent, miss Petra said she had to clear the air because she is also an Abang'  and she is from Boki2 and she is different.

The passionate lady who fought by all means to exempt her name and her people from such inhuman actions as displayed by Hon. Itam Abang and her Family was also seen on Richie Romanus' Thread struggling to defend her name.

Akuku Chilles Ugbani
which of the Abangs?

Richie Romanus
The Boki Abangs I think! I dunno o! Na person talk o. Lol

#boki 1 Richie Romanus pls take 

Akuku Chilles Ugbani
Which correction again pass d one wet him say na Boki. E mean say no bi Mbube Abang na

Petra Kijie 
Am not from mbube, am from boki and my surname is ABANG that why