Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Joseph Edet offers scholarship to two students in Odukpani as he admonished students to be productive.

Joseph Edet awards scholarship to two students in Odukpani Local as he students to be productive

Mr.  Joseph Edet the CEO of Lashakara clothing has slammed two students of community secondary school Odot Edion in Odukpani local government Area with a one term scholarship award.

This came in when he played guest facilitator to National Association of Odukpani Students world wide as they hosted over 500 students drawn from various schools in Odukpani in a one day sensitisation and debate competition outreach. 

Mr. Edet who advised the students to start developing an entrepreneurial mindset, stating that there's nothing wrong if they should become millionaires in their teens also charged then to stretch their imagination beyond their present limitations. 

After the results of the debate was announced, Mr. Joseph Edet picked up the mic to express his delight at the level of intelligence displayed by the debaters stating that this has motivated him to present the two winners with a one term scholarship each. 

Declaring the scholarship award,  Mr. Edet said the scholarship scheme which has been triggered by this event has now come to stay as it  will now be a yearly event with wider coverage as the years go by.