Saturday, 17 March 2018


| 18 March 2018 |Emmanuel Unah 

Barrister Ekanem Bassey, the Director of Amazing Hearts Humanitarian Support Initiative on Saturday gathered scores of street kids at De Choice fast food centre along Calabar Road  to sensitize them on the HIV/AIDS infection.

Barrister Ekamen who was supported by several members of her NGO and other partners including the head of FHI in Cross River State Dr Emil Ayuk gave the kids  talks on how one can become infected,. how it is spread, how to avoid being infected, what to do if infected and how to live positively if infected.

"An infected person can only be confirmed through tests and when a person is positive, he can live for a long time when  he takes anti retroviral drugs  but he should not infect others so he should only have sex  by using condom and  should avoid sharing  needles and  sharp objects with which he has pierced his body with others" 

She said those who are negative should not indulge in unprotected sex because  they stand the risk of being infected through unprotected sex with someone who is positive

The street kids who were engaged in an intetactive session queued up and  were tested and handed t.shirts, fez caps and food packs which made the day a happy one for them.
 Dr Emil Ayuk, the FHI Coordinator for the state said plans are afoot to locate schools for the many of the kids who are willing to attend school while those who are not ready to attend school shall be provided skills to equip them for the future.
"You cannot remain on the streets for ever. I see many of you say you want to be doctors, some lawyers and others say teacher, so what we want to do is to send you to school where you can be educated  so that you can become what yiu want to become in life".