Thursday, 22 March 2018

Nton Bassey Bassey; The Amplifier come 2019

According to Cal Thomas, an American columnist, author and radio commentator, "one of the reasons people hate politics is that truth is rarely a politician's objective. Election and power are"

However, certain persons have brought about positive changes in the past. Hence, it will not be hopeless to believe that positive changes can still be achieved in this generation and others to come but only if the right choices become and remain a staple in the decision making and selection process of our future leaders.

As the 2019 general elections approaches, the people who constitute Akpabuyo, Bakassi and Calabar-south Federal Constituency are yet again faced with the decision of choosing as well as electing a leader for good legislative representation in the Green chambers. A decision which over the years has indeed become quite a difficult one to make considering the numerous aspirants abound presenting themselves for the choosing. However, judging from antecedence, it is crystal clear that the man, with clear distinction, whom will bring about that much needed and desired positive change as well as place the trio of Akpabuyo, Bakassi and Calabar-south on the global map is BASSEY BASSEY NTON. 


The man BASSEY BAASEY NTON is a noble, tender-hearted and objective fellow who is renowned for his benevolence and rendering of service to humanity. He, over the years, has proven himself a philanthropist, positively affecting the lives of his immediate community, hometown, local government, state and Nigeria at large. An amiable trait which has endeared him to his people and the larger society.

Jonathan swift once said "for in reason, all government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery" and in this light indeed, has BASSEY BASSEY NTON come to seek the consent of the people, his people, for good representation at the federal legislative arm of government. 

With his visionary qualities, BASSEY BASSEY NTON is embarking on a mission to ensure that all LGAs within his constituency share in the legislative, political as well as economic advantages, cascading from the seemingly distant federal heights, equitably. Thereby bringing the government closer to the people which undoubtedly has become a sincere craving of the people at the grassroot.

As a visionary leader and chief Executive, BASSEY BASSEY NTON has gained a reputation that embodies such qualities as technocratic competence, commitment to results, resourcefulness and above all, integrity. These are virtues, lacking in our leaders as perceived by the larger Nigerian populace. These same virtues however, have been found in one man, BASSEY BASSEY NTON. 

His tender-heartedness compelled him into offering humanitarian services to his people by creating opportunities for youths to have access to needed education, jobs opportunities as well as recommendations for employment. He also renders humanitarian services to the less privileged as well as invests in human capacity building and youth empowerment. In all, BASSEY BASSEY NTON has been able to meet, within his capacity and resourcefulness, the dire needs of his people.

BASSEY BASSEY NTON has remained resilient, dynamic and forward looking while drawing attention to his intention of contesting for the Federal Legislative seat to make every community in Akpabuyo, Bakassi and Calabar-south economically habitable thereby curtailing rural-urban migration. He has predominantly warmed himself into global reckoning as an insightful leader. 

BASSEY BASSEY NTON is here to tackle and solve the problems of the people by terminating challenges such as insecurity and unemployment strain. His target goes beyond just resolving issues at hand only, but rather extends to creation of more needed opportunities for the people of his constituency by devising ways of show-casing to the nation and the world at large, the culture and traditions of his people, their industriousness as well as advertising to the world the resourcefulness of his constituency. These, without a doubt, will indeed focus the spotlight on the people of Akpabuyo, Bakassi and Calabar-south Federal Constituency on the global stage. Furthermore, it will reaffirm Cross River state as a major player on the international platform of tourism.

The good people of Akpabuyo, Bakassi and Calabar-south deserve an effective and efficient representative.

BASSEY BASSEY NTON deserves a chance to prove his worth. 

For that good choice:



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