Saturday, 3 March 2018

Obubra Community in disarray as Nigerian Lawmaker commissions signpost in C'river

| 03 March 2018 | Ukorebi Esien

Indigenes of Obubra community, a Local Government Area in central Cross River state has been thrown in disarray as the recent activities of the lawmaker representing Ikom and Obubra Local Government Areas in the Green Chambers, Hon. Mike Etaba was brought to the fore on social media.

The controversy sparked Tuesday night when an On Air Personality with the Cross River Broadcasting Corporation, Mr. Okan Peter shared pictures of the Honourable member commissioning a sign post.

In his post, Peter revealed that the signpost was about the only project the lawmaker had commissioned within the over three years of representation.

Peter's post as expected fired up a heated argument on Facebook with many supporting his opinion while some struggled in desperation to defend the lawmaker.

Peter's post reads in full: 


After close to three years of his representation, Hon. Mike Etaba, member representing Obubra/Etung federal constituency has  commissioned a signpost in his constituency. 

Recently after news filtered the air especially on social media that the house member commissioned a project, as a member of the constituency who has been disappointed for a very long time by his representation, I had to take the pains to find out what the MP commissioned only to be further disappointed, after realizing that he commissioned a signpost laced with photographs supporting the MP's claim of footing the hospital bills of some constituents, and visiting others to console them in different hospitals. 

There is also the case of another accident victim, who according to my source, the MP met at a particular chemist shop with some bruises, only to give him a paltry sum of two thousand naira. Before you start asking me what's wrong with such a gesture of kindness, remember they are those who have done a million times better without making a news item out of it, especially when viewed against the background that he is a representative of the victims. 

I am yet to see a 21th century politician who would leave so much work to be done on ground, to commission a signpost especially in an election year where every politician is doing everything to win the people's heart ahead of 2019 elections.

Little wonder his followers and immediate family members have openly labeled him a novice, failure and a good example of a bad representative.

I have no choice but to join them to say Mike Etaba is a manual on how not to be a  21st century politician.

Sooner or later, A New Obubra Is Possible'

As a direct reply to Peter's claims, Wani  Enang  revealed that Hon. Mike had actually done much more than the misrepresentation from Okan Peter speaks, his comments reads; 

"Let us not always seek to maligned our people, especially with misinformation.

That press board was constrcted by a  few youths in Appiapum. It only happened that Hon. Mike Etaba was around on the day they were supose to unveil it, compelled by courtesy it was only fair they had to beckon on their Hon. Member to kindly do the unveiling.

For the records, Hon. Mike in his natural elements is a silent achiever. He may not have been loading our individual pockets, but I bet u, he is not the worst in the National Assembly.

There is no fiscal year he has not influenced intervention projects to his constituency, at least for a first timer, he has done more than average. Hon. Mike has influence fed. Jobs for his constituents, paid fees and secretly given hug financial assistance to people. Its is because he is not a loud type people seem to abuse him with so much recklessness.

The only thing Etaba(as fondly called by his critics) is owing our expectations is the empowerment ritual which has finally become a benchmark indices for measuring legislative performance, but he has decided to opt out of bandwagon and to do it at his time, don't forget James Hardly Chase, "he who laughs last, laughs best" let's watch out for Hon. Mikes empowerment and see what he has.

Even Simon Utsu, Hon. Mike's fiercest critic admitted this morning that he has a number of bills and motions to his credit, I bet you, not all National Assembly members from CRS have sponsored even a single motion."

Enang's claim s were backed up by Richie Romanus who posted some number of bills and motions moved and presented by the lawmaker as long as pictures of projects completed.

Richie Romanus
"Mind you,this is not defending the indefensible,as a matter of fact,I won't have come close to this post if everything that is written here is true."

"Energy Commission of Nigeria Act (Repeal and Re-enactment). Bill, 2018(HB.1290) (Hon Mike Etaba) - First Reading . Commercial and Industrial Development Authority (Promotion and Incentive) Bill, 2018(HB.1291) (Hon Mike Etaba) -First Reading."

Things got out of hands when the argument became personal with threats and insults. For instance, One Abang was so frontal and raw when he told Richie Romanus that,

 "...Mike  Etaba,  no offense to him is an opportunist and he is still learning in the business so however you lick his ass and get peanuts will not change the real facts."

In his reply, Richie, fired backed with the following words:  "I wish you know my dear Abang! I wish I was defending Hon Etaba because of what I am gaining or what I hope to gain. But anyway,I owe you no explanation. Like I said earlier, I know why I am still keeping u on my friend list and I promise u,I won't block you.

Sincerely I understand your predicament and I sympathise with you. My brother, if today I become anything today, you would be making a huge mistake if you dare ascribe it to any man not even Hon. Mike Etaba. He doesn't pay me, he doesn't know how and where I live. It has just been God...

Abang I repeat, Mike is more than you in all ramifications including intellectually. You can imagine when I say a man they say cannot construct a simple sentence is better than you, that means u are really a dumb ass.

A man who became a millionaire as early as 28 courtesy of the oil business he started very early in life is the one you called an opportunist! Go look for money 300 naira chop breakfast jor.

Abang am sincerely done with you

The post which as at the time of this publication had generated over 113 comments has put the Obubra community into two divides with both halves abusing and castigating themselves. 

I sincerely don't know who will put out the fire generated by this time bomb of a post by Okan Peter.