Monday, 5 March 2018

Prince Otu gives hint on his second coming intent

| 5 March 2018 | Ukorebi Esien

Sen. Prince Bassey Otu may just have told his teeming fans and supporters where he plans to focus on if he goes back to the Red Chambers for the second time, when he said;

"We may not have the well of oil but a well of agrarian productivity which currents in our veins can outstrip the uncertain glory of petrodollars" 

Sweet Prince as fondly called by fans took to his Facebook page to disclose this on monday morning.

According to the post, one will deduce that prince Otu  who is being rumoured of wanting to regain his lost seat in the senate will now channel his energy as a representative towards Agricultural development in his constituency when given the mandate come 2019.

In his post, Prince said though the state may not have oil wells to boast of but it has land mass which if properly harnessed will bring more wealth than petrodollars.

If you ask me, I will say these four years without power has given the sweet prince the needed opportunity to understudy the needs and solutions of the Southern Senatorial district and one of it might just be his discovery in the agricultural sector. 

Recall that Prince Otu is a one term Senator who was ousted out of office while seeking a reelection by the powers that be then. And it was in his time in the NASS that Cross River State lost her oil wells to both Cameroon and Akwa Ibom state.

 Some quarters believed Prince Otu is a better representative than the present senator who is said to be stingy and cares only for his family members while others have argued that Gershom Bassey believes in infrastructural representation unlike Prince who did stomach infrastructure.

Whatever their style of leadership may be, one thing is certain 2019 will be a clash of the  Titan as Prince Otu is said to be seriously warming up to take his lost seat and he seems to be loved by the masses.