Sunday, 25 March 2018

Road rehabilitation in Calabar Municipality and South, a priority -Ayade

| 26 March 2018 | Emmanuel Ulayi 

Governor Ben Ayade has demonstrated his commitment to the ongoing road rehabilitation in the state, insisting it is task that must completed in due time, with great benefit to Cross Riverians.

Some of the road rehabilitation ongoing in Calabar municipality are: Marian by Mary Slessor up to Atekong which has been  completely over laid, IBB by stadium to Rabana . 

In the same vein, IBB by Akim junction to Eta Agbor , IBB  by airport to Atimbo round about are also under repairs.

For Calabar South: the roads covered are Target road, White House by Bedwell , White House by William George, Main Avenue , Atamunu, Eta Agbor by Orok Orok junction up to main gate all done.
Still to come are Jebs in Calabar south, Edim Otop to Atimbo, Failed portion of Ediba road by Marian Market and many more.