Monday, 12 March 2018

Take caution, Gov Ben Ayade By Edward Onabe

| 12 March 2018 | Onabe Edward 

Today, I want to speak, not as a politician but as a prophet of God. I do not speak in the name of God unless I'm send with a message.  When I speak in the name of God and cautions are not taken, the repercussions are inevitable. In 2015 when governor Ayade assumed office with his wild elephant dreams, God gave me a counsel to him that should help him to make a strong mark within his first tenure in office.

I have many witnesses to the prophetic guide that was released from God, through me to the governor, but I was not taken serious. I made a post addressed to him then that God said he should focus more on the RICE CITY PROJECT and deliver it within a short period of time. I personally didn't understand why God wanted it so, but I later came to know that God wanted Cross River State to be a major saviour of Nigeria in the recession that came soon after Buhari took over power. If Ayade had listened then, today he would not be struggling with what to show as his achievements.  

Through the recession, governor Ayade would have been a major reference example to a working governor in Nigeria, and Cross River State would have been a major reference state on the National headlines for mass rice supplies in Nigeria. All of that eluded us as a state and affected the governor personally as a returning aspirant for the same seat.  When I prophesied the victory of Donald Trump and his assignment from God, at the time the whole world had concluded that Hilary Clinton was going to win based on verifiable indices, people called me names but they could not stop the fulfillment of the prophecy.  Today, Donald Trump is the president and he is working according to the blue print of God.

  When it was concluded that president Buhari was death at his London hospital, God opened my eyes and I saw him returned to Nigeria alive and he went home instead of resuming work at the Villa. I posted the revelation on facebook,  ten days later, president Buhari returned and went to receive care at his Daura home. I have been speaking to those who cares to hear, and today, as the Lord has instructed me, I'm about to send a very serious caution to governor Benedict Ayade. I know he cares much about what people go through in life, and would not want to watch without doing something to help. 

However,  God who declares the end from the beginning has sent me to tell governor Benedict Ayade to take caution and restrict the number of refugees influx into Cross River State. The state's economy, security of lives and properties is endangered in the nearest future if governor Ayade fails to fasten border security as a conscious effort to reduce the influx of refugees into Cross River State. Over two thousand refugees are presently in the state. 

Many more are making arrangements to come in, and if no cautions are put in place to stop them, the state will be exposed to serious economics and security problems. It should be noted that I do not hate refugees, neither am I against humanitarian services of the governor to these people. God has sent this caution to save lives and properties, not because He loves some and hates others. I have passed the message given to me, anyone who has the governor's ears should make sure this message is whispered in coincides terms to his hearing.

He who has ears, let him hear what the Spirit is saying. 
Thanks! God bless Cross River State and Nigeria at large.  
From Apostle Onabe Edward.