Monday, 12 March 2018

Why Austine Ibok will make a better representative

| 13 March 2018 | Correspondent

Representation is all about feeling the People's plight and tailoring your actions and moves towards alivaiting those plights through laws,  motions,  and projects/programmes.

Representation has nothing to do with age but every thing to do with a proper understanding of the terrain and the pulse of the  people you wish to represent. 

The world over,  there seems to be a global awakening to the need for youthful representation in key leadership positions and so far, there have not been any regrets of any form for giving the youths these platforms. 

Over the years, the phrase that youths are the leaders of tomorrow has almost become an Anthem in Nigeria. For us in Nigeria, it more of a mere lip service than a reality. But as the 2019 elections draw closer,  Nigerians world over are now seeing the need for youthfull representation and leadership in key offices.

Before now, the challenge was the willingness of the youth to take up responsibilities. However, some youths have started indicating interest in playing active roles in the leadership of Nigeria. Youths who think it is long overdue, youths who have something to offer, youths who would make a difference. And one of such youth in Cross River State is the man Austine Ibok.

While some people are still in doubt that these youths would deliver,because they believe experience and good delivery is determined by age or duration the aspirants have spent in office, some others have faith in the youths. 

Perhaps we need to be reminded  that general Yakubu Gowon was 32 years old at the time he became the military leader and Nigeria head of state. 
Emmanuel Macron the president of France is quite young yet he is the president of a Nation.It is not about how long but how well  and how willing/ready you are to serve the people.
If the western world could do it, then we can do it.with IBOK we can do it. 

For those who think, experience and capacity is a criteria for leadership, then I will love to inform them that Mr.  Austin Ibok has got that. 

Austin Ibok had been in the scheme of politics as far back the days of Mr.  Donald Duke of Cross River State. 

He currently sits as the SA to the governor on inter-party affairs and for me such a seat is not for small boys in the business of politics because must times you have to be used as the sacrificial lamb to save some faces.  And as SA Inter-party,  you must be dogged and smart to serve both, your principal, your party and several other political parties. And such a person even if you were not experienced, holding such office alone should give you enormous experience. 

Ibok is also handling a very sensitive office in  Cross River State which I believe qualifies him already to be a good representative of the people of  Akpabuyo, Bakassi, Calabar South Federal constituency. As we all know, the challenge of insecurity is high and mostly affects these three local government areas in Cross River State.  arising from the upsurge of militancy activities and cultism etc. 

Ibok in his capacity as Chairman CRS Technical Committee on ECOWAS/EU Small Arms and Light Weapon project with a mandate to solicit for voluntary disarmament in exchange for alternative livelihood, he and his team has made tremendous efforts in calming and combating insecurity to a reasonable level. 

 In his words ' I can tell you that we have had benefit of interacting with non-state arms bearing actors. However, this experience has given me an insight into how the security challenges can be tackled.' 

And interaction with Ibok disclosed that he is willing to I work closely with the groups, government and citizenry to come up with a security architecture aimed at ensuring a safe society for all. 

And he intends to do this  through the followings means: 

A) introduction of community policing. We shall  work with relevant stakeholders in my federal constituency to set up recognise vigilance Group. 

(B) Periodic meetings Fraternities/groups leadership. This would help to fashion out possible areas control and inculcate positive attitudes into members. It would also promote social interactions and curb further outbreak of violence.  
(C) Provision of Solar street lightening. We shall pursue this vigorous through constituency projects.  Besides,  We shall collaborate with state government and some private sectors to provide street lighting especially in major streets of Calabar South.

(D) Creating credible alternative engagement livelihood via several means including empowering schemes.

If you ask me,  I will say that any one who can make Calabar South, Akpabuyo and Bakassi a safe haven in terms of security, will be the best leader the Federal constituency will ever have. Because when the people are sure of their safety, business will blossom and investors will be attracted thus increasing the economy of the constituency. 

IBOK is the CEO of Auskepy Nigeria limited. A company that deals on paint production, supply of building materials as well as Agricultural produce. 

He has been a banker, former secretary of inter-party advisory council (IPAC). 
Former bus Conductor
Former bike rider
Former taxi driver
Former Sales Manager- Foto kwick Nig Ltd
Former state Secretary of a party
Former publicity secretary of a party.
Former acting National publicity secretary of conference of all Nigerian political parties(CNPP).
former state chairman of a party.
Auditor Assistants to late Joseph Asuquo audit firm,
Chairman state technical committee on EU/ ECOWAS small arms and light weapon.
Special adviser to the governor on inter-party affairs. 

IBOK is married to his heartthrob and they are blessed with amazing children.he is a good husband and an awesome father who has been able to keep his home irrespective of his busy schedule. Not even distance could make him drift away from his responsibility as a husband and a father. 

For a man who has successfully held these offices and proven his worth,for a man who has been able to do his work efficiently as well as keep a home, IBOK deserves a chance to prove to the people of Akpabuyo, Bakassi and Calabar-south that he can do more. 

This man indeed deserves a chance to prove a point.

Ibok does not only deserve a chance but he deserves your vote and your mandate. 

A vote for Ibok,  is a vote for development, a vote for security, a vote to lighten up the ABC federal constituency.