Thursday, 22 March 2018

Why Gov Ayade deserves a second term by Mark Eneng

| 22 March 2018 | Mark Eneng

Since taking the mantle of leadership as the Executive governor of Cross River state, Governor Ayade brought with him the enterprising ingenuity with which he has piloted his own businesses that has remained an admiration to all. 

Unarguably, many would have thought that the governor go on to repeat the work already done by his predecessors. But like a keg of fresh wine, the governor has injected into the life of the State, fresh and modern leadership innovations. 

Principal among the new ideas was the reorganization of the hitherto style of governance that had only few people in the affairs of the State. He brought in fresh, young and vibrant Youths who have been supportive in the implementation of the government's SIGNATURE projects across the state. Cross River is known to be the only State that is taking a lead in the area of youthful and innovative governance, hence the Digital implementation of  the government's policies. 

I the areas of HEALTH, there is a great improvement in the life expectancy of every Crossriverian where as child and maternal mortality. This is also achieved through the selection of very competent hands of all those involved in the Health sector. 

AGRICULTURE and rural development has also had a new outlook and has transformed from the Ayade Food Bank to a state saturated with food for all. 
INFRASTRUCTURE in the State has also had a lifting and more is still being done in that regard. The monorail is in its near useable stage and efforts are still being channeled towards achieving the successful completion. 

EDUCATION is at its finest level as a result of the government's interest in making a literate and educated state. No doubt Cross River is still leading in that sector in the whole country. 

Security has also been a matter of great interest to this government and a lot is being done by all involved to keep the state crime and crisis free 24/7. The tranquil atmosphere though sometimes interfered with some skirmishes, has remained the best business and leisure destination South of the Sahara, North of the Limpopo. 

Indeed Cross River is working.
Indeed Ayade is working.
Let's give him our mandate again come 2019.