Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Why I fault Ifere Paul's letter to John Gaul

| 21 March 2018 | correspondent 

Ifere Paul, I have always known you to be vocal about things you believe in, I like your preferred way of expressing your opinion on state issues, although I still disagree with you on grey areas as I think I should contribute and shed more light on them.

Issues about Co- governor is still a mirage and only exist in people's feign imagination as it is unconstitutional, just as it is said about the president as well. And also I know you can express your self without resulting to abusive and hate words, mind you these are HATE SPEECHES.

I don't believe the house should concern it's self with the alleged arrest and investigations of a private citizen of the state, as the said Frank Ayade holds no official office either as an elected or appointed office holder, hence he should answer for himself any case with any of the antigraft agencies, least I would personally accuse the house of meddling into issues that does not lie within their jurisdiction.

The story about 20 million dollars, still remains a story until the EFCC decide to come to the public about it. The EFCC I know would have certainly made a public show out of this, if it were to be entirely true, because they want to portray themselves as working. 

Your allegations about sales of public properties to cronies and people in government is weighty and can not be taken with a pinch of salt approach, but why not call names?. If you have such information, why don't you petition the relevant agencies as you have also done, or better still inform Okoi Obla who heads a critical committee in the presidency which oversees such issues?. If your facts are correct instead of coming to the court of public opinion which lacks every form of statutory jurisdiction.

On the issue raised about the 'ousted' house member, from what I had then it was in court, if it is not, then it must have been thrown out, but if not then it still is in court, and hence we lack any merit to discuss such.

 But even if assuming it was not in court, the decision to out the member was clearly on procedural basis, which the member knew before he must have taken the bold step, and one person can't oust a member, majority opinion is always sorted out for, so why join the office of the speaker in this, or the person of the speaker.

Just when we activists are calling for a drastic reduction in what we qualify as LEGISLATORS JUMBO PAY you on the other hand is supporting it, we are calling for waivers of some of their unnecessary bonuses and allowances, you, a supposed activist is here agitating for such, what is your gain brother?. When millions of our youths are out there without any job, others are well under paid, you are agitating for legislators jumbo pay. I don't know whoes side you are any more.

These shows how this 'supposed'to be master piece has turned into a diatribe and an unnecessary swipe on the person and office of the speaker.

 It is a well known fact that this young man is an embodiment of great legislative feats, just how else can one satisfy you, he was just recently voted the best speaker in the whole country for year 2017.

 Only just yesterday he lead a delegation that went to Lagos to win and achieve a great feat for the state as it concerns social media in the state. His house has passed brilliant legislative bills into law. The house under his leadership has gainer more recognition within and outside the country for the state. 

This house had created unique and amazing legislative architecture by which the state has thrived over the past years. 

A state with a meagre federal allocation, paying prompt salaries to workers, disbursing monies to contractors. How else can one serve his people other than this.

I am Victor Adaha a public affairs analyst, 
writing from Yola.