Friday, 9 March 2018

Zoning is a gentleman's agreement not a constitutional right - Awade Friday

| 9 March 2018 | Ukorebi Esien 

An on air personality and host of the radio show, Otwetwe with Calabar premier urban radio station hit FM has said that he agrees that the politics of zoning is only in Africa. Therefore he opines that Zoning is not a constitutional right but a gentleman's agreement.

The Obanliku born Comedian cum politician whose stage named himself Last Prophet believes Credibility, accountability and antecedence should take precedence over mere zoning when considering people to mount sensitive political office 

Mr.  Awade who is rumoured to be interested in taking over the House of Assembly seat of Obanliku state house in the Cross River State House of Assembly made this statement on his Facebook wall Friday morning. 

Awade's post reads thus:

One of my Brothers from OBANLIKU said and I quote :

"My prayer is that any good ,reliable, performing Obanliku man who is touched by God should win. However charity they say begins at home. When Leonard upong from Bendi 1 and Maurice Evey from Busi were yet to complete their tenure in the state house of Assembly , Obanliku did not remember zoning and completion of tenure. Adah and ucheche of Bisu and Bishiiri respectively did not allow for tenure completion. 

The politics of zoning is only in Africa. Credibility and accountability antecedence should take precedence over mere zoning."

I think I agree with him....

Friends and associates of calls him Mr.  Obanliku because he is so passionate about what he calls the Obanliku project.
Mr.  Awade believes in a new Obanliku where standard of living is affordable and it's natural resources and potentials are harnessed to bring developments and easy living in Obanliku. 

A minute with Mr.  Awade the Last Prophet will definitely give you a new perception about Obanliku making you wish you were from Obanliku. 

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