Sunday, 15 April 2018

14 Quotes of Gov Ayade that will get you Thinking

Ayade on Marble

#Money is an impediment to growth#

"If you focus on value, money will come naturally so put all your focus on value."

"From Farm to Fashion. The garment value chain creates jobs for our citizens especially women." 

"I am a medallion of prosperity.

"The prosperity of a nation can only be manifest when it's people are prosperous."

"The machinery for piles and other infrastructure for the deep seaport have already arrived in Nigeria."

"The restructuring that Nigeria needs is not of resource control but of resource management."

"When you put your soul above your problem,  your body will follow. 

"In modern medicine, doctors go to the patients and not the other way round."

"The products of our physical energy have low value but the products of creative and knowledge economy have high value."

"What is welfare without the health of your people."

"The role of leadership is to inspire confidence and hope in life of its citizens."

"A true restructuring means allowing each of the federating units to explore her potential to the best of its capacity."

"The restructuring we need is not bringing to the fore the things that separate us as a people but the restructuring of our mindsets, a reorientation for the promotion of ethics and values."

 Ayade on Marble compiled by Emmanuel Ulayi