Monday, 16 April 2018

A University Don reveals the real need of the Yakurr Nation


We have quarrelled; we have abused; we have cursed; we have fought; we have condemned; we have disrespected; we have disregarded. What have we not done. Now, should we be asked what we need in Yakurr, we will hastily say we need peace; we need unity; we need this, we need that, and we will surely fail to mention the greatest of all. I must tell us, all we really really  need in Yakurr is LOVE. I mean real love and not something that looks like love, but that with the real attributes of love and not of hate. 

Why love? One may ask. I tell us, love is you; love is she; love is he; love is I; love is all of us. Love is everyone of us put together. Love is not selfish; love is not greedy; love is not egoistic and self-centered; love is not proud and arrogant. Love accommodates; it bears the other's infirmities; it sees no errors; it hears no gossips; love is sharing; love forgives. 

Love is a gateway. Without love we cannot  experience peace, unity, development, etc. in Yakurr. Everything we need in Yakurr  revolves around love. Truly, Yakurr is a great place and a great people. But without love we are not great. When we cultivate love, we will reap happiness and fulfillment; we will find peace and harmony in the house; we will recognize that we are brothers and not enemies; we will enjoy brotherhood; in-fighting will cease; we will be keepers of one another. There will be growth and development in Yakurr. Therefore, all we need in Yakurr is love. I wish KEKEH the best as I pray God to consider our plight. Bless you all!