Saturday, 14 April 2018

Calabar wonder bank disappears with over N200million of depositor's money

| 14 April 2018 | Ukorebi Esien 

A wonder bank in Calabar  that goes by the name, Bests Oil and Agro Investment Limited which pays 30% interest per week for every deposit has disappeared with over 200 million Naira belonging to depositors.

The company which is located at Treasure Mall suit 2, 34 Bassey Duke street is said to have collected deposits from over 200 people to the tune of well over 200million Naira before it disappeared into thin air in a dramatic style. It is believed that since it began its operation in Calabar in February this year, the bank records not less than 500 depositors with over 30 million Naira deposit daily. 

According to some depositors found within the premises,  they were informed by the security man that the company operators had carted away with cash on Thursday night in a white van. 

An eye witness told our reporter that trouble started when a young depositor came to cash out his money of about one million Naira and he was asked to wait for an additional two days as against the initial one week agreement. The depositor made some calls and not long after some boys came in and carted away with monies and other valuables. 

But many depositors believe the whole scene was planned and staged by the operators of the wonder bank. As it is said that a similar incidence happened to both their branches in Uyo Akwa Ibom State and Akampka LGA in Cross River State. One of the depositors said he believes the operators of the wonder bank had carefully thought that out as their exist strategy to make depositors believe they were robbed. 

"The owners of the bank are three and  gave 30% for each deposit per week and people have been depositing money and collecting the interest since February which made people develop confidence in them not knowing they are a scam" Lynda, one of the depositors told myCrossRiver.

At 6 .00 pm many people  who went to the place early in the morning were still seen standing at the premises of the mall beside the road and discussing their plight while some were shedding  profuse tears. One Dodeye told our reporter that she had deposited N1.2Million while another lady who stood by her was also lamenting over the lost of her N1million deposit. 

A depositor who disclosed to, said "I deposited 300,000  naira and also gave my sister 150,000 naira to deposit and just yesterday I came here to make more  deposit and the people did not show any sign that they were going to run away with our money"

Kate, a student of the University of Calabar said she invested her money hoping to increase it and only came to collect the money pay her fees since Friday was the last day to pay fees before late registration catches up with her only to find the place deserted.