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#Gospelstreetjamz2018: Music does not have a religion - Pst Akpanke

| 8 April 2018 | Ukorebi Esien

A music legend and heavy weight in the gospel music sector in Cross River State, Nigeria, Pastor Jonny Akpanke has said that music does not have a religion.

The music Minister made this stunning statement while attending to questions from newsmen during a press briefing held in preparation for the forthcoming Gospel Street Jamz 2018 in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. 

He further explained 'that the same chord progression that is used in the secular music is the same that will be used anywhere else. The difference is the message it carries, so we don't have church music but rather we have music that carries the gospel of Jesus Christ'. He said

'Music does not have a religion. Music style does not have a creed, music is a channel, it's an avenue through which deep thoughts of the mind are expressed'. He added 

Earlier on Min. Chijioke Kalu, the vision bearer of Gospel Street Jamz had informed that the event for this year comes up Sunday 8th April 2018 at Fiesta Fries Parking Lot, Marian Road, Calabar 
Time : 5PM (Red Carpet), 6PM (Main Event) 
Dress Code : all white.

The event which has 'Thy Kingdom Come', as its theme will be witnessing live performances from an array of gospel musicians and instrumentalists, like: 
Pst. Olufemi, Min. Abigail Bassey, Pst. Johny Akpanke, Min. Dare Justified, Min. Sammy Guitar, Min. Grace Inyang, Min. Simeon Douglas and Min. Caleb Rex. 

This year's edition of Gospel Street Jamz is taking a different dimension as its going the African way with direct word impartation from different men of God such as Pst. J. I. Okoro, Pst. Akomaye Ugar, Apst. Trinity Ogar and Pst. Solomon Ubi. 

Speaking further Kalu, revealed that Gospel Street Jamz started some times in 2016 and was repeated in 2017. 

'Over the years, we have recorded over 3000 worshipers gathering in one single event on the streets of Calabar with thousands running out to the alter with green bottles and dirty cloths to surrender to Jesus Christ'.

Our aim is to reach out to those who may not have had the opportunity to be in church,  those who the society may have written off. 

Our target are those on the street that have not yet experience the kingdom so this year we are bringing God's kingdom to them.

Our vision is to make Gospel Street Jamz  Calabar, another The Experience in Calabar just as it happens in House on the Rock, Lagos. 

We are already receiving calls from all over the country from people that want to be part of this year's event.

Mr. Kalu added that For now Gospel Street Jamz is solely sponsored by the organisers and they are yet to get sponsorship and donations from both private and public bodies. 

He further revealed that his motivation is to reach out to the lost and the unchurched. While I was much younger,  I do go out to secondary schools for outreaches and as it stands,  the vision has grown much bigger than me and metaphorsed into what we have now. He concluded. 

For those who can't attend the event in Calabar you can follow the event life 
via social media handles —Facebook : @official_gospelstreetjamz, Instagram : 
@official_gospelstreetjamz with hashtag : #GospelStreetJamz2018
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