Tuesday, 10 April 2018


What is so spectacular about Aso Rock  that once people get there, it gets the better part of their reasoning?. It becomes almost impossible for them to relinquish power once they get in.

People who are fine students of history would recollect that since 1999, this has been the trend.
Obasnjo upon assumption into office after the military, he did one term, went for the second and opted for the third and perhaps wanted to become LIFE President, before the vision that lied only in his imagination was washed away.

Yaradua, was on seat for his first tenure but regrettably the cold hands of death ousted him out of power, in a commando style only common in the military dispensation.

Jonathan, GEJ as fondly called, finished the remaining two years reign of his late boss, later opted for his fresh four years, then after, he felt he deserved another four years extra, which again was a product of his feign imagination, and such fantasy wasn't shared by vast majority of Nigerians, which hence became LEGENDARY, and he suffered monumental loss at the polls. That was the beginning of a new era, where an incumbent president would loose to an opposition, something historic never or rarely seen in the face of Africa.

Buhari, he came with the songs OF ONLY ONE TERM, his mantra won him his seat at Aso Rock. He swept votes by all means known to man, be it deceitfully or tactically only Nigerians can judge. But long way into his legendary ineptitude leadership and reign as chanted around by Nigerians, he has started singing a new chorus, and remixing his old solo,  now featuring El- rufai, and the host of other APC Governors.

 He has officially and openly decided to run for second term in office, which many greeted with wide range of criticism, owing to the security challenges ravaging the nation, never had we known so many security threats as we do now, which ranges from herdsmen to Boko Haram and even to kidnapping, which many have ascribed as ethnic cleansing some pundits thinks they are signs of ineptitude leadership.

History is always repeated by people who are not students of history, and common mistakes that could have been averted and even avoided still made. If only President Buhari, would study history and decide for himself what he wants to be remembered for long after he is gone, then he should think twice, in as much as I respect and acknowledge his constitutional right to seek second term I also speak to his conscience and rationality, he should weigh his options again and kindly forget the new band, talking him into remixing his old solo of ' one term' just for them to be featured. Because when the chips are down, there would be no one standing with him.

I urge Buhari to follow the historic path of Nelson Mandela who had every reason and right to go for a second term in office or better still make himself a life president, but humbly took a bow just when the ovation was loudest.

 Which gave him a name above all names ever known in the history of Africa and won him a seat at the hall of fame.

Only if President Buhari would want his name written in the annals of our country, for fighting corruption, even though some cry the fight is one sided, and gain a seat as a hero, then he should stop his 're-election bid.

 Jonathan narrowly redeemed back his name at the last hour by conceding defeat to him (Buhari), he got a place in the leagues of world leaders.

This is the right time for Buhari to take a patriotic step, do something selfless and  show how he can sacrifice for his nation. The statement been ascribed to him, "...that there would be blood shed of the baboons..." can now be corrected, and oppositions would no longer score cheap points with a counter mantra of "My ambition is not worth the blood of Nigerians". There is no right time as now to bring a change.

Victor Adaha (Mr apolitical)
Public affairs analyst