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| 07 April 2018 | Emmanuel Unah 
Each brand has unique qualities that stand it out from others. It is such qualities that give  users satisfaction thereby serving as attraction to them to demand more of it.  Such a brand easily becomes a household name even when much effort is not deployed in its marketing.
For close to three years now, Senator Gershom Bassey, the Senator representing the central Senatorial District of Cross River State  has noiselessly attracted and also initiated projects and programmes which directly affect the lives of not just  the people of the district but the entire state and beyound.
In the first quarter of this year (2018),  the Senator who is not given to propaganda attracted the sighting of the Oil and Gas Park to Odupani and that park has the capacity of producing 2000 direct jobs and another 2000 associated jobs.   How laudable.
During the groundbreaking ceremony in the first week of March, Senator Gershom through his representative, Barrister Edem Ekong impressed it on the management of the Nigerian Local Content Management Board that  Odukpani youths should be employed  during the construction of the multibillion naira edifice and also during the substantive work schedule. He effectively used his position as the Vice Chairman of the Local Content Committee of the Senate to  insist that some of the construction jobs should be awarded  to local contractors even if it means splitting the contracts. It is on that score that Faith Plant, one of the local construction companies got a share of the contract for the landscaping of the site at the whopping  sum of 400 million naira. What other empowerment of constituents can be more than this?
Conscious of the fact that most of the jobs in the Park would be technical, he in the last week of March, just before the Senate went on recess, introduced a bill for an Act for the establishment of a federal Polytechnic in Akpabuyo. Obviously the benefits accruable to the local community and the state from  the presence of an institution of this magnitude in the area  can only be imagined.
During the Christmas season, conscious of the challenges his constituents might be facing, he mounted billboards across the seven local government areas to interact with the people and allow them express themselves and spell out their needs. Needless to say thousands of people took advantage of this unique opportunity to reach the Senator and thousands obtained assistance in various forms including educational assistance, medical bills and the rest.
During that same period, the Senator distributed health and medical equipment to hospitals, health centres across the district which is the largest in the state with seven local government areas. The exercise alone is gulped  hundreds of millions of naira to save the lives of the people.
The above projects are just this year. Preceding this them, he had made inputs in the national budget for the construction of Oban- Anigeje road, the rehabilitation of the Calabar. Ugep- Ikom –Ogaoja road, the extension of the East West road and others.
Essentially, the role of the legislator is law making and Senator Gershom  Bassey has been very invaluable  in his contribution and moving of Motions  the Senate in this respect.  His impact  as a member of the local Content Committee of the Senate is quite visible. Even at that he has been reaching out to the people with rare purposefulness which transcends tribal and ethnic background conscious of the fact that he is  a Senator who represents the area that has the seat of  power of the state as  state capital. Without gainsaying,  the man deserves an applause and support to do more.

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