Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Attack On Inyali Peter and The politics of Intolerance by Victor Egba

| 12 April 2018 | Victor Egba

I'm particularly bemused by the media silence and unpatriotic dismissal of the disposition of the Obudu people to resort to violence, intimidation, and hate. Let me also draw a wider attention to the fresh memory of the Joseph Odok’s encounter. All points to political key players using coercive force in physically assaulting people who share a different opinion from theirs or their boss. 

An Opposition is a crucial part of our democracy, one that should be welcomed and not destroyed.
The Ayade administration has emphatically symbolise bloodshed and all worth not. He has by empowering a handful of men of the underworld put the lives of Every cross Riverian to risk.
He has the recurrent cult clashes, Unattended communal wars, and outright insecurity proven that he has no willpower to protect us.

The Ayade administration by extension has a security adviser who is too busy with campaigns for Senate to know that the people of Central, are engulfed with continual communal crises, why should he care? When he must discredit a senator of the APC. Bad politics.

With the Recent malicious attack on a social media commentator Mr. Inyali Peter, in Obudu, the governor’s hometown and the disruption of the declaration of Venatius Ikem, it is safe to conclude that the People have decided above all to foist on us a ridiculous Hobson's choice.

While we sincerely thank God for the Life of Inyali Peter, we are quite disappointed that instead of instituting legal actions to the effect he has in his usual ethnic bias chosen to take the apologetic side. After all, he is a northern ethnic champion.

We should rather mind our business, he will say, while he galvanizes public sympathy.
We the broader Cross Riverians are watching with Shame, the shenanigans of the overzealous extremism of the certain Obudu people.

As campaigns draw near, and it becomes increasingly necessary to tour across LGAs for rallies, we caution they don't set an antecedent too hard to depart from. While we pray for the fortitude to bear the defeat at the polls in 2019.

God Bless Cross River State