Thursday, 19 April 2018

Yes Nigeria Youths are lazy! A Final year CRUTECH student agrees with Buhari, her reasons which daze you

| 19  April 2018 | Ukorebi Esien 

A Final year student of Mass Communication, Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH) identified as Lucky has given a nod in agreement to a statement attributed to President Buhari, as saying Nigeria Youths are lazy. 

Recall that TDN had Wednesday night reported that President Muhammedu Buhari in Far away London,  while addressing a Commonwealth Nation's gathering was quoted to have said that Majority of Nigeria Youths are lazy, uneducated and useless. 

Since the story broke out, Nigeria youths and some leaders in the Country have been at war with the President's statement, with many slamming the President for such negative words.

But surprisingly,  a Final year student of CRUTECH,  a native of Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State. A Local Government whose youths are known to be hardworking and industrious has come up to support the president that indeed Nigeria youths are lazy. She took to her Facebook wall to pen down her thoughts on the issue.  

Her reasons are astonishing,  please here her out: 

'...Let's take a quick look at Nigeria of yesterday,  when the youth of Nigeria were educated and proactive, the likes of shuhu shagari at the age of 30 had become a legislator, M.T Mbu was made a minister at 25 lets not also forget to check the history of President Muhammadu Buhari too, there were no youth at that time who was ever ready to be  used by older politicians to steal ballot boxes or the mace of the country at that time.

To compare then and now, you will agree with the President that our youths are lazy and uneducated! Election is at the corner, watch and see how the president statement about the youths will be displayed to prove him right, so many youths will be used as political thugs, election consultant and social media crusaders by the educated smart old politicians to win election yet we want to be addressed as hardworking and educated youths! No, we are not.

The youths of today lacks direction and focus, they are greedy, and lazy, there are worst than been addressed as lazy people alone.

First let me remind us that education is quite different from been schooled, education is a process that brings about an embedded and permanent change in a person's way of thinking and ability to successfully carry out a task so from that definition one should know that the youths are schooled but not Educated as the purpose of education which is to think critically, to be creative and to relate effectively has been defeated amongst our youths.

The youth are lazy because we depend so much on the government to create jobs as well as empower us all which is not possible, let's take power into our hands by using our voters card well, learn a skill, and be self employed. 

In a telephone chat with our correspondent, Miss Lucky was heard saying, yes na! Since our President said we are lazy, who am I to argue with him.

This leaves one wondering if Lucky really believed what she initially wrote on her Facebook wall. 

For me, I think the President's statement is personal. If you are lazy,  then Mr President was referring to you, but if you are not lazy,  then you're exempted from the President's accusation.