Saturday, 28 April 2018

You won't believe this: Pastor Takes off Lady’s Pants in Church, Orders Her to Open Legs for Spirit of Pregnancy (Video)

A South Africa based Pastor by name Charles Awuzie has disassociated himself from what he termed Pentecostal Madness. 

The man of God who had earlier shared a post on his Facebook wall that 'Exposing pulpit lies and manipulation is not the same as attacking the church' went on to Expose a fellow Pastor who is said to have ordered a member to strip off her panties for the spirit of pregnancy to come into her. 

Hear the Clergy out:

 'Henceforth, nobody should associate me with this present day pentecostal madness. My name is Brother Charles Awuzie and I prefer to be identified as a Technologist who rests in Christ Jesus.

If this nonsense is what you guys put up with in the name of the prophetic, please count me out. My brain won't allow me to be grouped in the same whatsapp group as these prophets. If you are with me, I shout "COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM AND BE HOLY (the word holy here means be different, not be perfect)'