Thursday, 17 May 2018

2019 in view: Speaker Lebo warmly received at Afafanyi as he continues consultations

| 16 May 2018 | Corresspondent

The past few weeks have seen the speaker of Cross River State House of Assembly, lead his team on visits and consultations to different communities within Abi local government area which he represents. He was at Afafanyi community to once again interact with the people, hear directly from them and get first hand assessment of things for himself, his visit was widely accepted with a well attended meeting organized. The meeting had community heads, youth leaders, women leaders and other stakeholders present. 

The speaker and his team were astonished at the level of welcome they received. He addressed the people, and most importantly appreciated them for their unflinching support which he has continually enjoyed over the years, and still anticipate will continue to get. The leaders assured him of their support. The event was a medium, which the people seized to make appeals as well, they reiterated the fact that since they had a son as highly placed as the speaker from the local government, they will like him to kindly look into some issues which is of great importance and pressing needs to them.

Leading the request was an appeal for an access road from Ediba- Afafanyi, the road which will be a major link between the two communities, they appealed should make the list of numbers of roads the speaker intends to work on, on his rural roads construction projects. Also on their list was youth empowerment, they cried out for more youths empowerment programmes, the cry was without prejudice to the members youth empowerment programmes so far conducted, but they still appealed for more of such for their teeming youths.
The community appealed for water projects to be extended to their community to cushion the plight of the community, as water is life, and the absence of pure and accessible water is the root cause of some common illnesses which could have easily been averted. The community also appealed, for more appointments in government to come from the community, as they believe it will help open and create more relevance for the community politically.

With such a good interaction between the good and hospitable people of Afafanyi and the speaker. It becomes a reason for amazement, as to where and why some uninformed, misleading and shallow minded individuals who have allowed themselves to be used as dancers, by strange and ill motivated political drummers, and have been peddling rumours and messages of deceit on social media, that the speaker and his team were chased out of Afafanyi community, should engage in such malicious act.

It has become expedient and pertinent we set the records straight, so they don't mislead the unsuspecting public, as non of such alleged weird claims ever happened. It has also become categorical imperative and necessary to state the fact, the speaker enjoys a very cordial relationship with the good people of Afafanyi, and has mutual respect for every member of his constituency, because he holds their mandate.
A candid advice to all those who have so allowed themselves to be used for such evil propaganda is that they desist from such, and instead, engage in politics with ethics. We hold no grudge against anyone as we believe, it is only in unity we can stand.
John Gaul's new media team