Wednesday, 16 May 2018

2019: PDP Abi Chapter receives CRSHA Speaker, promises suppprt

| 16 May 2018 | Correspondent 

Just as the political tour of the member representing Abi, Rt Hon John Gaul Lebo, in the Cross River State House of Assembly is still gathering momentum, the impacts and experience remains something to envy and desire, as it has once again brought the Speaker and his team closer to the good and industrious people of Abi. This lap of engagement and consultation tour, included visits to some more council wards.

Visit to Ekureku Ward I, was more of a family meeting between the Speaker's team and the illustrious constituents (Ekureku ward I). The meeting which was also well attended, birthed so many heart talks, where the Speaker appreciated the people for their continuous support thus far, considering also their proximity to his own ward and the ties the both communities do share. In response, the community also appreciated him (Speaker) especially for siting his well thoughtout idea, the access road project in the community, explaining how much of a relief the project is to the people, and how it will also impact their economic lives as well. Notwithstanding, they also used the opportunity to discuss some very pertinent issues that concerns the community.

Leading in their discussions was the boundary issue between the community and their neighbouring Ebonyi State Community, which already is a known fact and is in public domain, how the House led by the honourable member who doubles as Speaker, is already engaging the Ebonyi State House of Assembly, and his (CRSHA) to a joint session to deliberate a lasting solution to the problem. This brought great relief to the minds of the people, as they pray the processes yields fast results.

Also among issues discussed were youth empowerment, and political appointments for the community, which both party duly agreed on. The issue of Police station wasn't left out, as the primary essence of government is to protect lives and properties, the renovation of the Police station was well discussed and agreed on as well.

Ekureku Ward II consultation and engagement was also a train of discussion, which prominently featured the Songhai farm initiative, which the Speaker only recently facilitated an integral aspect of, which will see to its soon operation of the facility, and in turn create direct employment for over a thousand youths, and indirectly impact over ten thousand households. Also in the discussion included Extension of the current access road to Ngarabe, Emin Ekpon, Itigeve and its environs, they believe it will create a major link for more people and carry more hamlets  along.
Political appointments were not left out of the deliberations and consideration alongside empowerment and mobilization of women and youths (more prominently) in the community.

The political tour couldn't have been called a day, without also visiting the Abi LG PDP chapter executive, where serious deliberations were made as it concerns the general welfare of Abi people. Also making the list of discussions was the continued voters registration and simultaneous collection of PVC's from INEC by constituents. Empowerment of party members along side the general public was not left out, as modalities were made to that effect, and also the ward, chapter and committee welfare was discussed for smooth running and operations as well. 

Thereafter, the Speaker appreciated them for their unflinching support so far, which has been the bedrock of his success, and hence seized the opportunity to formally make his intention to represent the good people of Abi/Yakurr in the federal house of representatives known, he did not end his speech without reiterating his request for their staunch support. 

John Gaul's New Media Team