Thursday, 31 May 2018

APC, "Accuser of the Brethren" by Modlin Odu

It has become a disapproving irritating habit of members and leaders of the APC to blame her constant party failure on PDP both at the National and State levels. This probably is their only achievement since 2015 they came onboard as ruling party. One would wonder If PDP is the Ruling party in Nigeria with the way she is fiercely opposed. I suppose its fear of their impending doom, they can feel it and its coming with a ravaging voracity, without mercy because the APC government has failed pitiably in all ramifications; infrastructural development, security of lives and properties, economic stability, employment opportunities and so on. 

The so called "fight against corruption" is a mighty mirage from the pit of hell and must be sent right back. Where are the recovered loots? How about the celebrated thieves in agbada and kaftan we see daily on our TV screens smiling mischievously in decorated lies they feed us with daily? 

In Abuja, till tomorrow, the clueless agbada thieves through their Liar Mohammed if he must talk to Nigerians, PDP Jonathan's administration form the basis of his criminal speeches in an attempt to hide their APC government's incompetence and maladministration. The blunt truth is that Buhari has failed and there's just one decision Nigerians will make in 2019, "SEND BUHARI BACK TO DAURA". Back here in Cross River State, these shameless, disgruntled, uncoordinated APC members without any means of party identification have made it a breakfast, lunch and dinner duty to take on the PDP government of Cross River State on social media. 

Pastor Uguru Usani is your party man, has been in the party since God knows when and today, as in many other cases, to hide your disunity, greed and failure to produce an acceptable State exco, you blame the governor of the state, a PDP man. Continue to accuse the PDP family while we wax stronger in readiness to devour the existence of a party called APC in 2019.  Not even shattered pieces of the party will be left to pick.

So long as Cross River State is concerned, APC can climb up to mount Kilimanjaro and shout out accusations on the government, it will not even be convincing to a day old baby. Not even councillors will emerge from APC. Face your party problems and if its not working, move out. Soon, when APC members fail to impregnate their wives, feed their families and pay their bills, they will accuse PDP as they are now,  accusers of PDP brethren.