Monday, 21 May 2018

Ayade can't be a hero to those who belong to the old C'River of civil service - Ajibola Ubi

Please, some people need a radical overhaul of their thinking faculties. The era of putting on political and self-serving caps in the face of obvious realities are gone in Cross River. Ayade represents the generation we yearned for to take us to our Eldorado. 

Ayade can't be a hero to those who belong to the old Cross River of civil service state. When the governor wept over the 2018 budget of over a trillion naira, I understood him perfectly. The reason why Ayade will be seen by Party-freaks; whose canon of good governance is beautifying Calabar and organizing beauty pageants to enthrone immorality at the expense of industry and creativity, is because Ayade is promoting industrialization in Cross River.

 Yes, Calabar was beautiful but at the expense of increasing unemployment rate, bad.roads in the rural areas. While the then administration could fly helicopter to Obudu Cattle ranch to merry, the common people of Obudu, Ogoja and all of northern Cross River couldn't come to Calabar for lack of good road. Ogoja/Ikom road, Ikom/Obubra road was impassable. Those administrations conspired with the federal government to wrest Bakassi and EPZ from Cross River. But in a demonstration of resolute quest for a paradigm shift, Ayade is industrializing Cross River. 

Those who are still relishing the old culture of sloth and redundancy characterized by wantonness and womanizing, must now awake to reality. Ayade is introducing the concept of dignity of labour as against pleasure. Lagos is both the industrial and business nerve centre of the nation. It's not a tourist destination but Lagos is self sufficient, with the highest IGR in the country. 

This is what we want CRS to be and not the usual degrading tag of a civil service state. As we speak, three more states are seriously pursuing the building of seaports but some stereotype and parochial mudslingers want to crucify Ayade for proposing a seaport in Cross River. Once again, thumb up for our visionary governor. God bless you and give you another term to complete your good work. 

Bro Ajibola Ekor Ubi, writes from Abuja