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Ayade's one ticket Vs Wike's one state of origin, winner takes it all

| 10 May 2018 | Ukorebi Esien 

In recent past it has been rumoured how Governor Ben Ayade, the digital governor of Cross River State will be a major stepping stone to some political office seekers especially those of the People's Democratic Party family to clinch their tickets. 

In an article titled Ayade has just one ticket to fight for Mudlin Odu, a political analyst and social commentator X-rays the politics of Cross River State where she revealed that 

"When the time comes, the governor will fight for just one ticket because he can only serve in one office at a particular time, that ticket will be the gubernatorial ticket to project his second term ambition. Gone are the days of imposition of candidates in Cross River State politics which birthed leaders that are proven to be  inept, weak, not idealistic, not creative, not credible, not accountable, vision less, mission less and possess every characteristics of FAILURE because they were served power like babies being fed with cerelac. They abuse and misuse it because they don't know how expensive it is to get".

Odu finally advised politicians seeking elective offices to go back to their grass root,  win the hearts of electorates and stop depending on big names and connections to win elections. 

"If you are a politician, go back to the grassroot and do the needful. Win grassroot acceptability not with lies but by your popularity gained by genuine service to the people over time. Like I said earlier, the governor has just one ticket to fight for, he is too intelligent to gamble with this chance. People who have big names to mention at the National level and enough money to run elections don't make noise, they still go back to the people to interact and consult them. This is what I believe is POLITICS and only people with political gold blood in their veins, with very conspicuous impressive, outstanding academic portfolio know this truth. I charge nothing in sharing it with the public anyway. They say knowledge is pricelessly expensive".

You can read Modlin's article here Ayade has just one ticket to fight for

Though it is believed that Modlin wrote those lines with some sets of politicians in mind and properly based on information at her disposal. 

Some quarters believe Modlin who is known to be a close pal to Dr. Sandy Onor often referred to as the caterpillar and a contender for the senatorial seat of Central Cross River, may have written the article to send a message across to other contenders who are depending on the governor for the party's ticket. 

In what seems to be a reply one social Media analyst cum writer,  Richard Romanus took to his Facebook wall to write the following. 


Many may wonder what inspired the title of this piece considering the fact that Governor Nyesom Wike State of origin has never been under contention. But keen political observers would agree with me that, his name has featured prominently in the State especially in the Central Senatorial district of the State where some  aspirants jostling for the People's Democratic Party (PDP) ticket for the Senatorial district and some of their supporters believe that the governor would abandon his immediate Senatorial District that is currently represented by the APC in Rivers State to install a Senator in Cross River Central.

Those who have been following political events in Rivers State would also agree with me that, the Governor already has so many things to think about especially as the 2019 general elections approaches. For example, two out of three Senatorial District in Rivers State are represented by APC, while a good number of the Federal Constituencies are occupied by APC. Most importantly, the Governor has his seat too to fight for else, it is taken away from him by the Minister of Transportation Rt Hon. Chibuike Amaechi who has never hidden his intention to unseat him through any means.

Therefore, diverting the governors attention in his concerted bid to retain the oil rich State for the PDP is in complete bad fate and completely unlike for a genuine PDP supporter or member who wishes the party well. Imagine the names of Mamman Daura,the Dss boss,Atiku Abubakar, Ooni of Ife or Governor Aminu Tambuwal who also have their friends in the race been dropped on a daily basis by this aspirants! The truth is, they is absolutely nothing wrong having well placed friends outside the State but something is definitely wrong when you depend on them to win your party ticket and the general elections instead of depending on the electorates or members of your Senatorial district.

But again, I wonder what else can be more 'disrespectful' if a Senatorial aspirant does not consider the governor of his State fit enough to take critical decisions as it concerns the success of the Party but rather believes in his counterpart in another State. It shows clearly that such an aspirant has little or no regard for the governor. It shows that the aspirant is not loyal and may never be loyal to the leader of the Party in the State which is the governor.

Permit me to say that if they is one governor in the history of our State who have been so taken for granted is Senator Ben Ayade. Not even the pressure on Senator Liyel Imoke by Ex President Goodluck Jonathan, Former Senate President David Mark and the deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu was enough to convince him to support the reelection bid of Senator Victor Ndoma Egba in 2015. I can bet that the actions of some of these aspirants is enough for them to be denied ticket during the Donald and Liyel administration after all,it is politics.

Finally, some people have argued that the governor has only his ticket to fight for in 2019. I agree just like I want them to have it at the back of their minds too that Governor Nyesom Wike is from RIVERS and not CROSS RIVER. The people of the Central Senatorial district will choose their Senator by themselves. I trust that they will choose a man who will be loyal and answerable to them and not one man in Rivers. They will choose a man who will always be among them. A man with visible achievements be it in the private or public sector and most importantly, they will choose a man with FRESH IDEAS.

The gist

The gist of the story is that both Modlin and Richard seems to be fanning the political ego of a principal hidden in the dark and yet to be uncovered. 

It should also be known that Richard had to drag Governor Nyesom Wike from far away Rivers state into the picture because it is known that Wike midwife the process that saw to Sandy's return to the PDP's folk last year. And rumours have it that Sandy may be banking on his relationship with Wike who is at the center of PDP national affairs to get a ticket as the party's flag bearer for Central senatorial District. 

As the cold war between Modlin and Richie continues TDN  will be on ground to give you full gist. Let's hope this war does not end in a conjugal bliss between both media aides. 

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