Monday, 21 May 2018

Boki leadership endorse Sandy Onor

| 20 May 2018 | correspondent 

In a triumphant entry into Boki LGA with an intimidating convoy of about 60 vehicles packed with supporters from far and near, Ntufam Dr. Sandy Ojang Onor stormed Wula, in Boki. It was an incredible show of relentless support by the people who greeted his presence with so much enthusiasm and satisfaction about his aspiration to serve them in the National Assembly. It was indeed an overwhelming occasion as the "who is who" in Boki were all present and the almost unnoticed few who were absent called in to express regrets for being unavoidably absent. It is no longer news that, the Original Caterpillar possess the traditional ethos of a proper Cross- Riverian, as characteristic of him, his first point of call was the palace of the Paramount Ruler of Boki His Royal Majesty,  Ata Otu Fredaline Akanduy,  in Olom community where he got the Royal blessings amidst clan heads, village heads and elders. Dr. Sandy assured of positive change in the Senatorial District. The paramount ruler affirmed to the timeousness of his mission. 

Moving forward, Dr. Sandy and his supporters both home based and in diaspora moved to Wula community secondary school where he was stupefied in visible astonishment at the amount of receptiveness from the people. With various dance groups and the Boki hospitable atmosphere, the consultation couldn't have been any better. 

Chapter Chairman, Mr. Robert Obi poured encomiums on the Caterpillar in his welcome address and assured that every political thunderbolt in Boki are present in the gathering which in itself, is an affirmation that he has the people's support. 

The Special Adviser to the Governor on Administration Barr. Chief Hon. Mark Obi in his address expressed the hope that change is indeed here with the candidacy of Sandy Onor for Senate in 2019. He further stated that, "We need someone that will go to the senate and speak for us as a voice and not as a number and we have identified that voice to be Ntufam Sandy Onor. He is a philanthropist, an academic, celebral and most importantly, very humble. We need him and not a proud person, Boki and Etung are one".

Hon. Dominic Kidzu, also a senior appointee in the Ayade led government and leader of Bunyia/Okubuchi ward pointed out that there is nothing like "Oga say". He stressed that "We want effective representation in a place where intelligence is being traded. I choose to support him because he is a voice for the people and not for an "oga". When he speaks, he speaks for the people. A strong and ebullient leader he is. Ahead, ahead with Sandy".

It was as though the occasion should never come to an end as everyone wanted to establish their support. Former chapter vice chairman Hon Charles Bisong spoke for Kakwagom/Bawop ward affirming the endorsement of Sandy Onor. Mrs. Alberta Abang spoke for the Boki women pointing out that the women of Central need a cross bearer and have identified Sandy Onor as the one. 

 Hon. Mrs Juliana Mkpe Bisong spoke for Ekpashi ward assuring all of their support as all the statutory delegates were present at the event, finely decorated with Caterpillar caps and tags. "He is a humble man and a problem solver." She emphasized women's role and ask for more involvement opportunities.

Hon. Ajara spoke for Beebo/Bumaji ward, while Chief Michael Abang spoke for Abo ward both of them pledging their respective support. Dr Martina Apie from Alanku ward spoke with enthusiasm, eloquence and vigour on the good relationship Sandy has maintained overtime with Late Dr. James Ewa, and said it is a bedrock for Dr. Sandy's victory especially in the ward.

 Rt Hon. Chief Dr. Jake Otuenyia leader of Buda ward in his usual manner of gathering momentum, spoke lengthily and authoritatively about the political provisions of  Buda Ward and their support for the Caterpillar movement and said finally "Sandy Onor's time for representation in the red chamber has come. The pendulum has swung to his side". One can rightly say, this is it!

But, the groundbreaking speech from Hon.Barr. Attah Ochinke, Former State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, a charismatic, intelligent and absolutely humble leader left the crowd breathless in bewilderment as he gave accolades to late Dr. James Ewa. He then said "I stand finely with Sandy Onor because it is the right thing to do at this moment. I won't dwell on his qualifications but a person that will not be counted as a loss. A senator who will not need introduction but his personality speaks for him.That you are a contractor or business man doesn't mean you should become a Senator. You will be lost in Abuja if you don't have capacity. Dr. Sandy has it and we should support him. The political leadership is with Sandy. Let us follow Sandy because he knows the road. I will always follow a man with ideas, Sandy is a man with ideas, let us follow him"

 Tony Edako, Chairman of the Caterpillar Board of Trustees  rendered the air stuffed with a thought provoking puncture on emotions as he recalls the friendship between James Ewa and Sandy. He described Sandy as one who has impacted so reasonably in his own life and advises that like Sandy's, Friendship should transcend beyond interest. 

Dr. Sandy in response to all these kind words from great Boki leaders. amidst sniffs of hidden tears of appreciation and love, spoke heartily to the people. He told them that he is fully aware of the blessings attached to effective leadership and the woes that could befall an ineffective, underperforming leader. He thanked and appreciated the Boki people and bade them, farewell.

The media team of the Caterpillar Movement.