Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Constituent endorse Jarigbe for a second term, threatens to blackmail him if...

| 2 May 2018 | Ukorebi Esien 

A constituent of the Ogoja/Yala Federal Constituency, know as Eugine Upah has given a nod to second term bid of his representative in the Federal House of Assembly, Hon. Jarigbe Agom.

The constituent who also rallied support from other members of the constituency said hon. Jari had comfortably represented his people at the lower chambers despite being a first timer at the chambers. 

He expressed believe that the law maker will do excellently well in his second year of a second term. 

Mr.  Upah, quickly threatened the law maker that should he fail to deliver on his promises to the constituency, the following will happen. 

Read full details below to see his threat. 

I am (so far), impressed by the level of leadership, warmth, show of love, democratic dividends and people-oriented policies carried out by Hon Jarigbe Agom (Jari) in the last three years, and I am by this article extending my support in endorsing him to return to the house to represent the good people of Ogoja and Yala in Federal House of Representatives come 2019.

While l encourage Hon Jari to continue steering his mantle of representation/leadership in the right direction, l call on all well meaning sons and daughters of Ogoja and Yala to rally support for this God sent MP as he seeks to better the lives of the people he's representing.

I the order of; Bad, Poor, Fair, Good, Comfortably good, Very good and Excellent. I will rate Hon Jari comfortably good and l admonish him to continue steadily (in that regard) until he assumes the level of Excellent/Distinction. 

Afterall, if as a first timer he could rise to the level he has attained, he should have attain the grade of Excellent within the first two years of his second term. If he fails, (but l trust he wouldn't) l will mobilise the press/media and we will blackmail and paint him in bad light for failing us, that he will wish he wasn't elected into the HoR - a sure promise.

Hon Jari is young, brave, a street savvy who's willing to deliver, let's give him our unflinching support and prayers at all times.

#Jari has my vote in 2019.

Blogger's Thoughts 

In as much as it is lawful to adopt or endorse a candidate of your choice and also canvass for support for your perceived best candidate, but I also think it is unlawful and a criminal act to blackmail. 

What has happened to the act of recall? 

Me think Eugine Upah got it all wrong when he opted for the option of blackmail when he has a more honorable means of dealing with a bad representative such as Instituting a recall process. 

I will advice Hon. Jarigbe to thread with caution in his re-election bid. 

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