Thursday, 31 May 2018

C'river YDP back on track as Dunamis Archibong emerges state Chairman

Comr Dunamis Archibong, Monday, was announced the Chairman in Acting capacity of the Young Democratic Party (YDP) in Cross River state Thedailynewsng can report authoritatively. 

Archibong's emergence has laid to rest the leadership tussle/ infightings amongst interest groups that had characterised the state chapter of the Party since the un-ceremonial defection to YPP of Messrs Castro Ezama and Anthony Bissong Attah, then Chairman and Leader of the YDP CRS respectively last year. 

While addressing the members of the party in Calabar the state capital city yesterday, the National Chairperson of the YDP,  Mrs Aye Georgina Dakpokpo Esq reiterated to the members of the Party present that leadership is about service, it was not a do or die affair. She appreciated the brotherliness she saw amongst the members and insisted that there would be a state wide convention within three months despite alternative opinion from the members. According to her, 'I decided to get involved in YDP because I wanted to contribute my quota to national development, I was not comfortable with the way things were going in this country. For me, leadership is all about service, reason why I occupied one or two offices before becoming national chairperson'. 

While delivering his acceptance speech immediately after his announcement as State Acting Chairman, Archibong said that he was not the only state Chair of the YDP in Cross River, but, every member was. While promising not to disappoint the confidence already reposed on him, said, 'I will take the Young Democratic Party in Cross River State to a better status