Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Etung gives Sandy Onor overwhelming support, adopts and endorses him as their sole candidate for Senate 2019

| 22 May 2018 | Modlin Odu 

Interestingly impressive has been Dr. Sandy Onor's felicitating consultations and interactions with the good people of five out of the six Local Government Areas that make up Cross River Central Senatorial District. Beautiful is the fact that, he has the capacity to attract supporters who made his convoy unconditionally intimidating without being paid to do so. As a party faithful, he has driven the party nearer to the people. 

As proper grassroots and an astute politician, the ethics and ideology of the People's Democratic Party which holds that "Power belongs to the People" has been upheld and given credence by his outreach so far. He has shown respect to the party leadership by promoting the party and bringing her closer again to the people granted that he has gone to seek their advice and support for his ambition first before going into campaigns. How else can one show his unquantifiable loyalty and superfluously conspicuous humility to the party other than this? Certainly, it takes one with great intellectuality and sincerely to do this.

 He has undoubtedly made opposition party(ies) become affrighted of the possibilities of 2019 elections at all levels.

It is a tradition and an applaudable principle of Dr. Sandy Onor to pay homage to the traditional fathers of all the LGAs he visits, get their blessings and permission before moving ahead to speak with the people. This act of praiseworthy humility is a plus to his personality and a noteworthy point in his political scorecard. Amazingly, every Palace he enters, he receives bountiful blessings and encouragements in furtherance with his senatorial ambition. This, however, he displayed yet again in the Palace of the Paramount Ruler of  Etung, His Royal Majesty Ntufam Emmanuel Oru, Clan heads of the various villages and other well-respected Chiefs at the LGA headquarter, Effraya on Saturday 19th May 2018. 

The peculiarity of this consultation is that Dr. Sandy Ojang Onor is a well-grounded Etung son. This is his home, his roots and he affirmed his ancestry by expressing himself locally, keeping to rest, the "is and was" of Western civilization and his great academic learning but rather channeled his professorial prowess to expressing himself eloquently in his dialect. The Royal Majesty rained down blessings on him which he manifested as a breath of approval on his palms and welcomed his entourage of supporters to Etung nation.

At the reception hall, the overwhelming crowd made it necessary for one to allude to the biblical tale of the 5000 men that followed Jesus. Women danced in joyous jubilation especially because, their wife and daughter Barr. Mrs. Gertrude Onor by her presence in the consultation asserted that the Etung women have a voice and their place is firmly secured. 

It takes a great man to pull out great men. Ordinarily, I would have said all "the who is who" in Etung graced the occasion because, even those that were unavoidably absent were just too few and would have been unnoticed but for the fact that, they are very well respected men.

Present at the occasion were great men like Col. Pam Edgar Former Military Governor of Kwara State and an Elder Statesman in Cross River State, Hon. Kingsley Ntui PDP Chapter Chairman of Etung, Hon Gabe Odu Oji, Commissioner for Water Resources who in his speech, enlightened the Etung people on the political antecedents of Etung so far. He spoke of the betrayal and disrespect for the Etung people by a son who misused their mandate, leading to the deprivation they're enduring despite the sensitivity of such a position. He called on the people to "replace one with a better and more reliable other" and this other is Sandy Onor.

Obi Stephen Owan Enoh, spoke amidst broken voice and uncontrollable emotions, recounting his previous warnings and the subsequent result of it. He told them his family tie is not enough reason for him be sentimental and blind enough to mortgage the people's welfare, he is objectively standing with Sandy Onor and maintained that, now that the eyes of the people have opened to the realisation of their mistake, through God, a worthy, competent and capable son in the person of Sandy Ojang Onor is their only remedy.

Dr. Joe Ndem Ndifom, Mike Ojisi Former Etung Chapter Chairman and a host of other dignitaries and ward leaders spoke in turns and pledged their total support for the Original Caterpillar.

You know the term "Speechless"? Yes, this was how Dr. Sandy Onor felt. He knew he was home but didn't expect the bountiful joy and immense support. Most shocking was the people's decision to do an adoption for him to be the sole candidate. He was showered with exceeding love and acceptance, he was just smiling all through in bewilderment and said: "when God says it is your time, it is truly your time".

Media Team of the Caterpillar Movement.