Saturday, 26 May 2018

GOVERNOR AYADE HAS DONE IT AGAIN :Paid all outstanding staff salary in full and re jigged CRGIA for optimum performance.

| 25 May 2018 | Correspondent 

Working for Governor Ayade's administration even for one day is a rare privilege. By Gods grace and HEmagnanimity, I am that privileged as Director - General of CRGIA.

I inherited an agency with enormous potentials but struggling to put its head above water. With my colleagues wekept it afloat, while the master potter himself. His Excellency, the digital Governor Sen Prof Ben Ayade went to work.As evidence In the quality of work, HE do so, by drawing extensively from his deep knowledge and experience as a renowned scientist, astute business man and an amazing humanist. Fashioning a world class GIA entails a lot of time and energy. Consequently,the re-engineering process took a while, resulting in overdue staff salaries and aweaken systems performance. Although the non payment of salaries tasked the staff beyond human limits, they consistently put their trust in Gov Ayade. They knew that whatever the outcome of the Talk and Do Governor drivenreform exercise, it can only be for the ultimate good of all.

In a surprise move and a very rare gesture by a state chief executive, His Excellency summoned a meeting of all staff of CRGIA with him on ……….. at the Exco chambers with the Commisioner of Lands in attendance. At the meeting, His Excellency did not only unfold his envisioned CRGIA, but sought, obtained and incorporated inputs from the staff. More striking was his deft engagement that ensured gender balance in generating the inputs.

After a careful deliberation and consideration, His Excellency approved on the spot:

1. To pay all outstanding contract staff salary to date.

2. To transfer all the said staff to the state civil service as a sustainable solution to their salary matter and career development.

3. The comprehensive rejuvenation of CRGIA systems to restore its digital status in land administration.

4. To commence the processing and issuance of Certificate of Occupancy,Consent etc with immediate effect.

Dear all, it's my honour and priviledge to confirm that salary arrears of all staff who were verified and captured hadbeen TOTALLY cleared. It is also confirmed that the Civil Service Commission is at the verge of transfering all contract staff to the main service as approved by the people's Governor.

Above all we have commenced production of Certificate of Occupancy and grant of Consent and in doing soabridged delivery period from.a minimum of 21 days to 24 hours if documentation is right.

Who would you rather trust? For me and CR GIA family it's the Digital Gov Ayade all the way!!!. The Agency hereby commits to a social contract of superlative performance at all times.