Thursday, 31 May 2018

Governor Ayade: The Litmus Test of Nigeria Future. 3 years shift from Politics to economic advancements.

Among Africans,  mostly in Nigeria, our future seem very vague with true spirited leaders.
This is not because we have no one with a good heart to  lead, but our systems recondition leaders to perform too far below expectations.

Performing  governance  therefore become a great desire than  survival. There is therefore,  a constant search for men who doesn't have much use for the word "can't," as we hope for change of events and good leadership. 

All over the world, in every walk of life, people are eagerly seeking for someone to follow. But who? and why? Has remain a principle of  politics without economics balance in our clime. Political will to stand firm against the odds of politics and restructure the system towards economic growth and development die the day most leaders are sworn into power.

 The fear centrally is  based on losing Political popularity and power. This fear deny our leaders of real economic growth ideas, leaving them with only political scheming and tricks, detrimental to future growth and development. 

 Who fear Blames and grow a Nation? No one! Who  hearten people  to action?  The man who is ready for  blames  when things go wrong, and  big enough to share the glory with people  when success crowns his efforts. This man is the future. 

The invincible, Infinite Digital Calibrator, Governor Ben Ayade,  through the  consciouness of his own power, being a man who do better in the arena of impossibilities. A man who put no limit upon His own capacities is therefore with no limit. One who ignite the limitations to break through and set no limit for himself or for anyone.

Governor Ayade stands out today, as an instructor of tomorrow Nigeria, saying, Nigeria stop sending Nigerians overseas to study and train, yet with no industries and institutions in Nigeria where they can return and add value to their country. 

In his deliberate turn against the known  traditions of Politics for a few, He expended Government, dislocated Political aggrandizement, ushering in the use of brains for task rather than tax. 

Leaders are trooping into the state, not only for tourism, but for economic knowledge through the industrialization drives.  

 This can only come from a leader whose thinking has always been more in terms of human capacity and less in terms of regulations. 

Those with Political thinking mindsets, fear grips, some confused as to whether He is ready to win again as Governor in 2019? To keep focus, Governor Ayade have exhibited a consistent mood, maintained an optimistic attitude, possess a listening ear, and present to others his authentic self. Unstoppable,  Digital Governor. 

His philosophies of "Giving not because you have enough, but because you care enough," and "have faith in me, for I will earn your trust." Has kept him glued to building and establishing Industries across the state, to reposition the primary wealth of the people. "Why farm so much and earn so little." The Cocoa and Rice Mill Factories are basically  human frontiers for wealth. 

Strategically, He stand today not as a Politician, but as a reformer,  one with an award from the Labour as the "Most Labour Friendly Governor in the 21st century Africa. Reinvigorating  the hearts and minds of Cross Riverians to state reconstruction and resurrection, knowing labour is the key to societal progress.  

This proves right that the Governor  have a clear, coherent strategy that He is pursuing with singularity of purpose. "Industrialising Cross River State and opening her to the great inherent potentials." He have that total dedication to it and no deviation from it. Simply put, He have better strategy that will strive for supremacy and take Cross River State from third world to first world state.

As He said sometime, "we can not tax our poor people to grow, but must task our brains." He believes one must have supremacy of thinking before one can achieve supremacy of strategy. 

And in line with his commitments to see that no Cross Riverian go to bed hungry,  the state is the only state not owing Civil servants Salaries as at today, 29th May, 2018. The first state in recent time to pay salaries in advance. 

In all, Governor Ayade is with the opinion that God never made any man, society or country poor any more than He made any man sick and blind to knowledge of growth and development.  

Happy Democracy Day. 

Long live Governor Ayade:  
Long live Cross River State
Long live federal Republic  of Nigeria 
God bless us all.