Monday, 21 May 2018

Protest rocks Ogoja over 2019 Senate seat

| 1 May 2018 | Emma Una

CALABAR- A coalition of groups  in Ogoja  have carried  out a protest to demand the allocation of the 2019 Senate  seat of  the Northern Senatorial district in Cross River State  to  Ogoja Local Government Area which they claim has not occupied the position since the inception of democracy in Nigeria.

The groups comprising market women, drivers, okada riders, students , Mbube, Ishibori and Ekajuk youth groups said the next Senator should be from Ogoja Local Government Area and Comrade  Godwin Nyiam  a youth activist was their acceptable choice.

The protesters bearing placards displaying various messages including "since 1914, Ogoja has never occupied the Senate Seat", 'The time is now, Ogoja has the Senate position", We have been patient enough, this is Ogoja turn" "We are not weak but patient, it is now our time' sang songs around major streets in the area before moving to the St Thomas's College Ogoja where they were addressed by their leaders.

The various speakers at the St Thomas's College Ogoja, venue of the adoption said Mr  Nyiam has proven to be a humble leader of the people over the years and it has become necessary to elect him to the post of Senator in 2019 to give the Northern district effective representation.

They said all other local government areas have occupied the seat and Ogoja which is the "mother" local government council is yet to occupy the position and it was the time of the area in 2019

"Democracy is all about fairness and justice and to prove this, the people of the Northern Senatorial district should allocate the position to someone from Ogoja in 2019- what is fair is fair" Mr Denis Itrem the leader of the protesters stated.

He said the youth activist, Nyiam  who is one of those contending for the position should be given the opportunity to represent the district in 2019
'Our governor Senator Ben Ayade is a young man and he has been proving us with effective governance and he is interested in working with young people that is why we should elect someone like Comrade Nyiam to represent us in the Senate" Inyabri Dan, a, youth leader stated.

The Huasa group led by Hajia Maimuna Idris said God has ordained that at this time Ogoja should produce a Senator and Nyiam is then one to occupy the post to deliver the goods to the people.

"With Nyiam I know when I want to go to Mecca, I have someone to assist me, when my fellow women need anything, he will be there so we have one hundred percent support for him".

The students led by Comrade James Idung said Nyiam has shown from being the patron of many students association that he is a leader of the people therefore the students are behind him during the elections.

The Disabled led by the Treasurer for the North and Central said he is their patron and would give him theiur total support during the election.