Sunday, 27 May 2018

Reflecting on Children's Day in Nigeria

| 27 May 2018 | Prince Thomas Abi Jr.

Children's day is a special day celebrated across the globe by children. The children's day is celebrated every 27th May. As a child, I looked forward to the children's day celebration because of the oratory speeches that usually ushered in the occasion. The children's day affords the Nigerian children the opportunity to celebrate with their colleagues across the nation's of the world, but it is pertinent to know that over the years the Nigerian child has been marginalized and shortchanged. The plight of the Nigerian Children is one that gives me great concern. It is regrettable to know that the Child Rights Act has not been fully implemented over the years by past administrations and many states in the country. 

Children's day celebration is usually a public holiday for children across the nation. It is a time where most kids look up to, due to the many fun activities that occasions the day. It is a day where children go to different stadia for march past and celebrate the day. It is a day where leaders stand to receive salute and give speeches and reaffirm the hope of the Nigerian child as the leaders of tomorrow.

But if I must ask what can the children really make out of children's day? The Nigerian children have suffered so much. The Nigerian child has been stagnated due to lack of proper education, poor health care, child labor, trafficking, sexual abuse and other forms of exploitation. The Nigerian child lacks proper health care, good recreational facilities poor educational facilities and many more.

As the Nigerian children celebrate today with other children across the globe, we must have a sober reflection of the Nigerian child. 

The children in this country are living below poverty line. In most cases, they are struggling to feed themselves and carter for their upkeep by hawking on the streets which exposes them to different forms of social vices. Some are sick and have no access to health care and clean water. Today's children's day makes no difference to the Nigerian children because of the harsh condition they find themselves.

As the children of Nigeria celebrate today's children day, government at all levels must have a meaningful plan for the Nigerian child. The three tiers of government should work towards the full domestication of the Child Rights Act.

The Nigerian children are the hope of tomorrow. Any nation that refuses to pay attention to its children is heading nowhere. We must give our children hope and rekindle their believe if they must be the leaders of tomorrow.

Happy Children's Day 

Prince Thomas Abi Jr.