Thursday, 3 May 2018


| 3 April 2018 | Victor Adaha 

Abi Local Government Area of Cross river State is predominantly a farming community, with a vast popularity in yam production and other agricultural produce. This occupation has been the main stay of their economy, which has made their farms, one of their most priced assets and valuables. 

The economy of the local government which largely is based on agriculture is relatively a large one, little wonder they are famous for their new yam festival celebration among other notable agricultural festivals.

But the major challenge and limitations faced by this farming community remains its rural road network, and accessibility to even the most remote areas in the community which houses their most priced assets which is their farm lands. Although the previous government which is notable for rural roads construction did a lot, but over the preceding years, arose needs for more roads and access constructions.

The member representing Abi, in the State House of Assembly who doubles as the Speaker, has facilitated major roads construction in the local government, starting with notable roads in Adadama ward in Abi. A grand total of an estimate of about thirty-five (35) roads are to be captured in his major road face lift, even as Adadama- Amagu road has over the past week being worked upon, be reminded of the communal clash between the people of Adadama and their neighbours of Amagu in Ebonyi State, this particular project has been greeted with accolades from the people of Adadama, as they said, the project has boosted the security of the region in dispute and the community at large, as it has paved way for the security surveillance in the area as well, which they argue will mitigate to a large extent clashes in the area. 

The Honourable Speaker, will also facilitate the hand over of Adadama police station to the Nigerian police force, through the Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) , for the takeover and smooth running of the police station, which will greatly result to the good people of Adadama being secured, by the presence of the Nigerian Police.

The construction train had also proceeded to Ekureku, where major rural roads have been worked on and others still being worked on. Usumutong- Ugep road, won't be left out as it has been pencilled for major face lift to cushion the plight of the farming community, and create access which would in return boost the economic life of the community as well. 

Abeugo- Usumutong road, will also be worked on, as it has been identified as part of the on going projects, it is a link road between the two communities which would also be a great booster for inter community trade and relationship as said by the member representing Abi. 
Among other roads to be constructed includes Ebom internal roads and also, Ebom- Abayong, not forgetting the famous Abeugo-Ediba road which pundits like yours faithful are of the opinion, that this particular road when completed will bring succour to the people as it will aide both the farmers and even traders, as more buyers will begin to patronize them. Afafanyi-Igoni goni will also not be left out in this phase of rural road face lift.

The famous tourist site ' Ediba beach' will most definitely not be exempted from this phase of projects as information made available to me and my team of investigators revealed that the road will be captured and not just that road, but also Ediba roundabout as well. This project at its complete state will be seen to have made the local government to be well placed among the leagues of LG's with good road network.
Indeed at the completion on these monumental projects, the community will definitely experience ease in doing business. 

It is on records already that the member in the person of Rt Hon John Gaul Lebo has alleviated the plight and suffering of his people, just as he has begun already the process of bursary disbursement to students in the local government, and had only recently brought medical soccour to his people which saw about an estimate of over five thousand constituents being attended to and drugs worth multi million naira dispensed as well. All these are coming just when his 'Gaulgate' medical scheme which is scheduled to last for a year is still on going, along side his school blocks constructions in every ward of the local government.

But even at the face of all these lofty projects, I still amplify the voices of the people just like Oliver twist, " Thank you, but we want more".

Victor Adaha
Public affairs analyst